Ph , watering and feeding questions

First off im new to growing cannabis and im excited to begin this journey. I have never ever grown anything in my life im my life , I’m doing some research and kind of getting the idea of it but I’m still confused about ph levels what it should be in different stages ? , how do i regulate the ph ? . How often do i water them and or feed them ? Do i check the water ph before watering them and do i check the ph of the soil ? Remember im a newb please don’t make fun of me im just learning , thank you


Welcome to the forum @Ogm1 and dont worry no one here is going to poke fun just provide you with great information and first off get a ph and ppm meter off amazon i run hydro so cant help with soil questions sorry but definitely get those meters and happy growing


Hi, first you want to buy a digital ph meter and a ppm/TDS meter. You don’t want the ones that measure the soil, you want the ones that measure the water.

The pH you will use will depend on the medium and, to a lesser extent, the nutrients you use. If you ar using a traditional soil, you want a pH of 6.5. If you are doing hydro or a soilless medium, like coco, then you want 5.8. Some mixes are a little bit of both, and can be PHd some where in between. In some cases, the nutrients may suggest a pH range too. Some research into what you decide to use will get you to a preferred range. You can also get suggestions here.

When you pH balance your solution, you PH after you add you nutrients (if adding) to that number. You also want to measure your pH of th water that runs out th bottom of your pot when you water. For hydro, you want it to be between 5.5 and 6.1, for soil 6.2 to 6.8. If you are running higher or lower than the range, there are different options. If only a bit over or under, you water higher or lower on the range. So if you are in soil, and your pH runoff is 6, you water the next time with 6.8. If your pH is way out of whack, you need to flush until it gets in range. So if your soil has a pH of 4, flushing is needed.

How often you water and feed depends on the medium. I use a soilless coco medium and water with nutrient every other day to significant runoff. Soil users go flood to drought technique, and water more sparingly. They also nutrient more sparingly because the soil comes with nutrients unlike a soilless medium.

If your plant isn’t established yet in the pot, you need to be more careful and water more spearingly so the plant doesn’t become overwatered and drown it’s roots.

Feel free to reach out with clarifying questions. Welcome to the forum. No one is here to make fun of you. Our goal is your same goal, a successful grow! Good luck. Great people are here to help.


Thank you very much for that info , also what is a good soil to use ?

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A lot of growers use happy frog from fox farms for seedlings & fox farm ocean for larger plants. The later is too hot for babies.
Welcome to forum. Remember only stupid ? Is the 1 not asked.
Never use miracle grow or 1 that has time released nutes


Canna Terra pro

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I use Roots Organics original potting mix for both seedling and growing phases.


Have you compared the Roots Original vs their 707?
Original is coco-based with some peat.
707 is peat-based with some coco.

And welcome Ogm1! I’m only about 10 weeks from where you are. :slight_smile:

Im on research stage

I have not tried the 707. Is that what you are in?

No, Im using mostly FFOF at the bottom with 50:50 FFOF:Roots Original as the fill last time I transplanted. Perlite, worm castings and dolomite added. FF trio nutes + CalMag. They seem pretty happy but again…first grow I dunno wtf I’m doing lol.

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Welcome to The Forum. I personally use a one bag to one bag mix of Happy Frog and ocean Forest. Seems to work good especially through all of veg. Enjoy growing!

Lots of good info here for you. If you have questions just ask, lots of members can help.

Thanks everybody for responding , also what is the best way to transfer your plant from the seeding stage pot to the bigger veg stage pot ?

Welcome! Im on my first grow, and this place is the best resource!!

I dont know the “tried and true” methods of transplanting from seedling cups (I used red solo cups) but I did just have a 4 plant trial experience with it. I found that my plants’ roots were established enough for transplant after about 2 weeks plus a few days. I sliced vertical slices in the cups and placed them inside an uncut cup, so I could take out the main cup and gently press in on a slit in the side to monitor root progress. Once I could see solid root formation ttowards the bottom of the cup, I’d give it a good watering. Just enough to get a couple drips of runoff from the bottom of the cup, but also making sure all the soil is throughly wet.
After abour 24 hours, gently squeeze the edges of the cup to get the soil to break free. Then have your new pot filled about 75% with new medium, leaving a crater in the center (Im using soil so thats what my example is based on) then put your hand over the seedling cup, with the stem between your fingers, gently, and carefully flip the cup over. It may take a little shimmy or shake of the cup, but it should slide out. Damp soil helps it stay together. Then set rightside up in your new pot. Carefully hold in place as you scoop soil into the crater to support the plant. Top off with more soil/medium. Mist top of medium. Good to go!

Again, this is just what I found to work best, with soil, for my first grow! But it seems like a solid method.
Best of luck and keep researching. Super worth it!

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@Ogm1 welcome to the forum you get lots of help from our members
As far as soil goes to keep it simple try using promix BX or HP it’s neutral soil good from start to finish :+1:

In regards to watering, the way I do it is buy soil feel and plant look. When I think they need watered
i water with 1 of 2 jugs of water. Both PH Balanced to 6.5 one with Nutrients for whatever stage the plant is in, the other jug plain tap water. When you feed nutrients always tap water in between to rid the soil of excess salts from the nutrients you added to the soil. PH balancing is easy with a meter and some ordinary house (Distilled White Vinegar) Tap water comes out at my house in the high 7’s 7.7, 7.8…etc I use 1 1/2 teaspoons vinegar per gallon , brings it down to 6.5 PH.

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So do i need meters for ph and ppm or is there one that does both and if so any recommendations on meters? Do i really need a ppm meter and what does it do?

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The ppm meter helps assess the health of your soil and whether it’s setting you grow up for success. There are combined meters on Amazon, but I have the two cheap meters you can get for 20 bucks
Check out this Idea List on Amazon: MassCanGrow - my growing supplies by MassCanGrow - Idea Lists

Thanks all for the helpful answer and advice , I’m sorry for asking a lot of questions but im gathering all the info i can get . So what should the levels be for ph and ppm on soil ? Also if anybody has any other helpful advice or tips i would greatly appreciate it… anything helps