When to harvist?

White widow. Just got a loup and I’m excited but don’t want to jump to soon. Is she ready to harvest?

Going to need a whole picture of the plant. Secondly…do not use the sugar leaves. They finish faster. :+1:

here are some more pics Mr.Pete, thanks.


@MrPeat forgot to tag you

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Its all good bro. Thanks for the tag. :+1:

SO, Is it time?

No…I am still seeing white pistils. But if you are happy with the trichomes, just do what you think is best. :+1:

About another week? Is it a problem that some leaves are turning brown? It’s my first grow.

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No don’t worry at this late stage of the game. :+1:

Hope no minds if I jump in here. I have same question. My Northernlights and Lowryder appear to be getting close to harvest would like some more experienced eyes for some input. Northernlights is getting more amber on her Lowryder is still mostly cloudy with a tiny bit of amber showing. How much longer? Here’s some trichome pics.Thanks.

First up Northernlights

Next Lowryder