When to harvest Gorilla Glue

So this is my first experience with autoflower. The plants started flowering between week four and five. It is now week eight and the plants have buds all over them. The plants have stopped growing and are using less water. When should I harvest? Help is appreciated.

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Do you have pictures

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You will likely go 8+ weeks in flower (not from sprout) before you’re ready for harvest.

As @Dclark said, pics will definitely help.

In the meantime, check this out:


:point_up_2:t5::point_up_2:t5: This

Veg 4-5 weeks
Flower 8-10 weeks

Total grow time 12-15 weeks. Buckle up buddy. Pics are always welcome!


So here are the pics. Three plants. One very tall one and two that are shorter. I don’t understand what I did wrong so they began flowering at 5 weeks and the difference in the growth rates. Any ideas? If you need more details on the setup let me know. Thanks for the help.


Yup. I put u around week 3 of flower tops. You got another 6-8 weeks.

Looks a tad stretchy. Whats the light and amount of space again?


Lighting matters like purp is getting into.

Plants, just like people, grow differently than their siblings. That’s not a failure on your part. Mother nature is stronger than we are.


Don’t worry all is about genetics and stain, sativa take more longer that indica I had a sativa plant and take like 4 months to be ready so just looking you plants around the week 12 and see the thricomes that let you know if your plants are ready


Lights look suspect to me

That might nothing to do with the difference in size, as stated above that’s more about genetics if all the same conditions exist

But what lights are those? They look like blurples and you can have much better yield with not a whole lot of money spent…ok, kind of a lot of money but not a fortune if you cand spend a bit.

Sorry I’m a light snob😂
I try to get anyone who’s using blurples (underpowered purple/red blue lights) out of that and into a light they can afford, that a lot more effective

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Bahaha. Kinda huh lol. Well stated. And very true.

I hate seeing people use lights that get them no results or sub par results simply because they don’t know about the EVIL :imp: of blurples…see even Satan is a blurple ….:point_up:

Especially when a viable, effective and reasonably affordable solution is available to them, if someone had just informed them

The 60 or 70 bucks that “growstar” cost could have been almost half of what an hlg 135 rspec would have cost, and that’s not even the cheapest diy option they have, not to mention spider farmer,kingbrite etc

Call me passionate, or an a hole I don’t care
I’ll be screaming from the mountain tops NO MORE BLURPLES


Hum, I just started last year and don’t have much experience. If there are better and cheaper lights instead of the Arknoah 3600W then I really would like to use them next year. I did look at other options but I guess I missed the ones you talked about in your first email. I will check them out. Thanks for the advice it is appreciated.

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You hav


Yes to better, cheaper? Eh, no not cheaper
Effective? Yes
Those are blurples and are basically not so good beyond the seedlings stage

HLG is a trustworthy brand

Determine how much space you intend to grow in and we can help you find an appropriate solution

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I have a 4x4 growing space and I only grow 2 or 3 plants every year just for my use as I have a lot of pain issues. Next season I am planning on using all of the helpful information that I receive from this site to redo my grow room. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, agent orange survivor.

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New lights next year. I will contact you then.