When to flower from seed

I am new to growing. I have a unknown seed that is 6 weeks in flowering in soil under cheap red light bulbs as i am experimenting just using basic stuff. I do have my plant that is flowering in a 3x3x6 tent. I have 2 other plants on my desk growing. One i feel needs to go into the tent in flower mode but the other i am topping every chance i get so its growing slow. But both of the vegetative are 2 months old, from seed. I guess I wanna know if you can flower any time you want indoors?

You can start a seed on 12/12 light cycle and it will flower as soon as it’s mature enough.

Most people grow for approx 1 month on 18/6, 20/4, or 24/0 vegetative cycle then switch to 12/12.

Some strains will pre-flower meaning show sex in the veg light cycle to let you know they are mature enough to flower.

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What’s best ph water to start seeds sorry wro g place

Use distilled water for dropping seeds. No worries about pH.

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