When to clean up

Is it time to cut bottom leaves yet?They are going crazy!!Any advice appreciated

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imo, yes. I keep mine trimmed down pretty well, and if a leaf isn’t getting light or it won’t contribute to flower production, then it comes off.

I start pretty early, when the plant is old enough to withstand it, and then keep trimming here and there as necessary.

In your case I would slow roll it a bit though. A good guideline is to never remove more than a 25 to 30% in one cutting. Let the plant recover for a couple of days, and then continue on.

Here is a pic of one of my plants at 5 weeks that has had a good bit of trimming (and 2 toppings) done to it.

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Yep if you can’t see light hitting it, I’d clip. Once you’re caught up, you’ll be able to just clip one or two a day to stay on top of it.

Kyle Kushman is a guru on this. Here is his best video on the topic and it addresses your question perfectly.


I prefer my plants to be a big bush. I am now removing some of the bottom branches so it’s easier to water. I did do 3 plants on the current grow with a top of the center part of the branch.

It’s weird seeing 2 main colas in a V shape

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