When to change to flower feeding for autos

I have auto planta about to go into flower, at what point do I switch from veg feeding to flower food? As soon as I see pistils, wait one week? Any advice, thanks!!

You can change it now. Some growers use ONLY flower nutes through both veg and flower.

Oh okay, good to know!

Give a mixture of both for best results. Autos keep growing even though flower has started. You switch to flower nutes now, your plants won’t reach their potential

So transition by using both. I imagine till they stop growing tall? Thanks for the info!

That’s the first I’ve heard of it? Man i gotta keep reading, always so much more to learn

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I recommend you keep pushing grow nutes, even after the pistils form. I don’t switch to bloom nutes til buds actually start forming; I’ll start transition nutes at around 2-3 weeks after pistils have formed. You can kinda train your auto, this way.

Now, I don’t set my watch by any of this. I listen to my plants and adjust accordingly.

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Sounds reasonable, I will do this, my plants are looking really good. I have made a much more conservative effort to keep my PH within the 5.5 to 6.5 range (using ROOTS Organics and Promix). Doing much better this grow.

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That’s so funny! I use Earth Juice & Promix (this grow I added 20% FFHF, due to pH issues last grow), but find my plants like their pH anywhere between 6.2-7.

How do you like the Roots Organic? I love the Earth Juice Originals, but am interested in hearing about other lines.