When is yellowing leaves normal?

I’m currently growing my first plants of feminized Bergman’s Gold Leaf. I’m starting the 5th week of flower, and suddenly I seem to have a nitrogen deficiency in both plants. I’m giving extra doses of veg nutes (Fox Farms Grow Big) at full strength to help out, but my question really is this: when is it normal during flower to start yellowing with this strain? Am I wasting my time at this stage trying to bring them back, or should I just let them be and continue to yellow until harvest (probably another 3 weeks or so?)?


A little yellowing of leaves under the canopy is normal during flower.

It doesn’t look bad, but what’s your runoff pH and ppm numbers?

Have you been following the flush schedule?

My soil pH is 6.5 at the roots for the plant on the right, and 6.3 for the plant on the left. To be honest, I haven’t really checked the ppm in awhile so I don’t really know what it is right now. What should I look for?

For bottle feeding.
If your runoff ppm is higher than the nutrient solution you’re feeding it, the plants are being over fed. I’d keep it around 800-1200 at this point
If the runoff is lower than the input, they’re hungry.


I’m due to flush this week, but have only flushed once previously since I’ve only been using nutes at about half strength and filtered water. So my watering mixture ppm is relatively low (less than 900ppm which is about half of what the FF recommendation is), and my pH has been excellent…so I haven’t felt a pressing need to flush real often. Is that my screw up?

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I’ll do that first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks a bunch for the guidance

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Not necessarily. The plants look pretty good to me, but there is a bit of early yellowing.
With ff nutes salt build up can hinder the plants ability to uptake certain nutrients. Keeping to the flush schedules helps reduce “lockout”.
Your pH looks good.
I’d continue what you’re doing, do the flush, and re examine in a week.

I do see a little bit of leaf cupping. Have you had some warmer than normal temps lately?

I have some goldleaf growing next to cherry pie and Girl Scout cookie and kind of freaked when the Goldleaf started turning yellow 5-6 week into flowering. Then I realized that maybe they call it Goldleaf for a reason. I went with the flow and figured it was just part of the process like the cheery pie leaves turning reddish and blueberry leaves turning blue.

In my experience, it can yellow early. It’s a hungry plant and can easily starve.

This is the simplest, most straight forward and logical explanation of reading PPM I’ve ever seen. Thank you!


Keep in mind there are exceptions. Take it all in context.

If you’re in a recent transplant into ffof, and you decide to feed at 900ppm (I know), and your runoff is 2900ppm, you might think It’s hungry…:crazy_face:

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I was in the military for 9 years. There are ALWAYS exceptions. :rofl: But that’s the least convoluted, best break-it-down-Barney-style explanation I’ve seen. A really good starting point.


I learn best when I’m given a good starting point and make my own realizations from there and/or gradually add more detailed information. I remember my “aha” moments a lot better than reading a lot of boring details, but I like to understand why things happen.

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Yes. Very observant. We’ve had temperatures that have exceeded our norms by +20 degrees for quite a stretch. I’m actually quite surprised they have come through it so well – they are definitely a hardy variety. You’ve been most helpful and I greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for that. I wondered the same thing and that’s what prompted me to go to the forum🤔 What’s been your experience with this variety?

Same question first time flowering clones in tent (I’m aware of slight nite burn on tips of leafs which I will address in a separate strand this orange cookies hybrid clone is 4 weeks 4days into flowering now with no added nitrogen just bug bloom with diminished tiger bloom according to fox farm schedule. But this plant has been fairly hardy and always had very healthy leafs can struggle with mold bit fairly strong never had any yellow leafs is this starting that phase of pulling nutes from the leafs or is it a separate issue btw typically expected flower time is 7-8weeks

Did the flush. Ppm of the run-out when I started was 1290-1300 for both. I don’t think that is really high enough to cause lockout but flushing certainly didn’t hurt🙂 I stopped flushing when it got down to @ 800ppm, and I’ll update in about a week