Is this normal behavior for Gold Leaf?

Hey there, first time grower and first time forum poster here and I needed to ask a question.

I started all these plants at the same time.

Gold Leaf, GG#4, Bruce Banner and GSCx
All photo period

I understand that each plant is different, but at week 7 a lot of the Gold Leaf fan leaves started to yellow and almost develop black stripes on them a bit.

At first I thought maybe it was too much light but none of the others are reacting that way. Then I thought maybe this is just normal behavior because it is gold leaf after all. I did stop nutrients at the beginning of week 7 and started to flush after. But I believe that would be too early to show signs of lack of nitrogen since I fed them up until that point. I do know I have some burnt tips from some bite burn (classic newbie mistake) and I slipped and gave them all PH 4.5 water w/nutes right before week 7. I’m not sure why I made this mistake, I just wasn’t thinking clearly. So I thought possibly nute lockout, but still strange it only happened to one plant. And I also know soil does have a way of correcting stupid ph mistakes like I made.

We are on week 8 of flower now so we are almost in the clear, but I wanted to check in on this.

Soil: Happy Frog
Lights: 3x Vivosun 1000w LED (300w power draw total))
Light schedule: 12/12
Nutes: Fox Farms trio
Water: 6.5 ph

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Some photos:

I forgot to add temp: 70 degrees

RH: is usually around 48 but running at 56 right now since I just watered.

Beats me. I don’t even have a guess. That gold leaf didn’t like something. Sorry I’m no help, but nice plants. I thought about trying a gold leaf, but appears they’re pretty sensitive.

It really has been quite a sensitive plant. I think if I could go back I would barely give it any nutes at all and just let it do it’s thing. Anytime I tried to interfere with it I feel like I messed it up a little. Very high yielding plant though

I have grown a number of Bergman’s Gold Leaf and never had any issues like that. The plant seems quite stable in my growing environment. White Widow is a bit more sensitive to over feeding but not bad.


Welcome to the forum @Jdel110
While many plants are the same when it comes to feeding, you will find that some are more sensitive to certain things. That Gold leaf may just be a nitrogen hog
Mine did turn gold but not as early as yours. Others may have had different experiences.
And I like the photo…Got gold green and silver all gong on.

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Thank you for the welcome!

I think I might have stopped nutes too early. I’m reading a lot of people don’t even flush their soil now but I just wanted to follow the best advice. I’m seeing some people’s turn this color but you are right that none of them were that early. It’s also strange that it’s mostly the leaves on the top layer that are effected. Like the big buds are sucking the nutrients out of them or something.

Just for reference, here is a photograph of a Gold Leaf that I grew a couple of years ago. The photo was taken a few days before harvest.


Oh man, what beautiful monsters!
I definitely messed up somewhere along the way. Hoping everything will be okay. Thanks for the reference pic!

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I am not certain that it is obvious from the photo but that is a single plant. I had two of them in that grow and both looked about like that.

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I am sure thats it.
Flushing can be a sensitive topic. I dont but I wont promote either way.
That said, it needs food. The flowering estimates you see on seeds are just that, estimates. And almost always short of reality. I have had one Granddaddy Purple that finished in 8 weeks. But 11 or 12 is my average. Speaking of Flowering time only here. There are many threads on flushing and you can determine if you want to or not.

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Absolutely phenomenal… I’m trying to get colas like that! This was my first grow, so there’s definitely been a learning curve. I did love this plant so I have about four clones going of it. All really healthy and growing like, well… weeds lol.


You are doing very well. With a bit of experience you will be killing it.


This pic is blurry but it looks like many new white pistils…if I am correct then its still a couple weeks away from maturity. With food it will get even bigger.


I ran Gold leaf and they r heavy feeders. Give them the juice. Lmao


Totally I’m gonna see where they’re at the end of week 8 which is coming up this Thursday. I think the forum compresses images but I took some microscope shots and a new cola pic today.


Was reading through this thread and this might be useful info. If the soil has a proper microbial and fungal net work the more the soil can help convert nutrients. When you feed your plants they rely on your feeds to get nutrients instead of pulling them out of the soil. During flower the plant goes through a major process of converting sugars and fatty acids into nutrients. If you force feed the plant it’s whole life, when it goes through flower it’s not gonna know how to properly convert nutrients and not know where to pull from , causing deficiencies . Most people end up trying to make up for it with over feeding nutrients then shocking the plant effecting yield and hexonate conversion. You can feed it as much nutes as you want but if the plant hasn’t created a symbiotic relationship with the soil then it will only pull up what it’s use to getting instead of what it needs though it’s whole life . Cheers man grow looks good :+1:

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