When is it Harvest Time?

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Looks like another 6-8 weeks depending on the strain. Looks sativa dominant so could be closer to 8.


Looks like a while to go. For a start keep an eye on your pistils they will go brown/read at around 60 - 70% of the plants pistils then its getting closer. Get a magnafying glass and keep an eye on your tricome glands when they are going amber you know the time has come. Some like to harvest when the go from clear tricome glands to milky on the inside. Different effects on different tricome colors. :v::alien:

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They are NL. This is my first grow. Today they yellowed up pretty bad. Should I keep feeding the Cal Mag and FF nites?

Also just order a magnifying glass so I’ll be able to look on Wednesday. I’m just nervous because I gotta move the end of the month so I was hoping to harvest before then.

Oh wow, then you’re closer to 6

@Dankdad end of the month is pushing it. As @BobbyDigital stated…6 week minimum

Yellowing of leaves can be caused by watering schedule as well. Dificiancy in nitrogen can also be the cause of the yellow leaves. Ph balance in soil can be checked if it’s good you go to the next. Elimination is best to get to causes. If your ph is good, you haven’t watered to much then it’s dificiancies. Sometimes it’s best to do a flush with water and slowly bring back nutes by slowly adding with next watering stage.

Have you been checking ph and ppm of runoff.? If your ph is out of whack…adding more nutes won’t help. You would need to fix the ph issue. If it’s not ph, I’d probably give it a dose of cal mag and maybe a light feeding. But if it’s locked out of a certain nutrient…adding more nutes will not solve the yellowing.

PH is 7 so it range between 6.5-7. I gave some cal mag and by sundown they perked up

That’s good. I’d try and bring your ph down a touch. Try and be closer to 6.5. If you get much above 7, your getting close to locking out magnesium along with few other nutrients.

So I found out that Toki oil was accidentally put on my plants instead of nutes. Am I completely screwed? See photos.