When does the timeline start?

Newbie question, my friends. When does the “official” timeline for a grow begin? At germination? When transplanted into growing medium? When sprouts appear?


What are you looking to time?

My timing in veg starts when they break soil. My flower time line starts when I flip them to 12/12.


I start counting as soon as I get true leaves present.


I start “counting” as soon as the seedlings break through the soil, I consider veg to start when I get true leaves. I start “counting” flower when I flip to 13/11 but don’t consider them in flower until I see “buttons” forming at about 9 or ten days after flipping.

I don’t use any of these numbers to determine when to harvest, I just use them so that I have a common reference from one grow to the next so that I can be consistent with how I manage the plants.


So true.

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Same here. Every day is accounted for in veg or flower. There are no days that don’t count toward one or the other.


In my short expierance I dont even count time anymore. Each plant seems to be on it’s own time frame so I watch the plant as a seedling and when it big enough (to me) I transplant. When the TDS readings reach 800/1000 I start feeding, when pre flowers show I flip lights, when tricome get where I want them I chop. Time seems irrelevant.


I still have no idea…I don’t necessarily need a timeline… Just an outline… Of when to do something different… Lol… Whether it’s the light schedule, the watering amount, when to use the nutrients?