When Do Buds Start Growing On My Marijuana Plants?

Cannabis first budsWhen do buds actually start to show up on the marijuana plants?

After you force flowering, the initial signs of change occur with the slowing and eventual cessation of vegetative growth. This generally occurs with a 5 to 10 day period. The marijuana plants might still produce growth, but it won’t be the same as they are now in reproductive mode.

Flowers will appear within the first two weeks. For plants that are three months and older, the initial inflorescences will show up a couple of days earlier. Marijuana enters into the flowering period when you shift the light cycle to 12/12.

Pistils show up at the node where the leaf connects with the stem. Thy will also start growing at the tops of the plant. The buds generally start ripening around 6 to 10 weeks after you started forcing. Some sativa marijuana plants can keep growing vegetatively even while they flower.


Buds start to grow when the light cycle is shifted to a 12 on 12 off cycle. This can be done at any time you choose. I know growers that take clones that are just rooted and put them in their room using SOG sea of green technique and only veg them for 1 week then they take clones from them and veg 1 more week. then its flower time… They are limited by the space they have, and get some high quality smoke this way. They have about 24 plants in a 18 inch by 30 inch area with 36 inches of height. Awesome to see the flowers all colas popping. looks like a flat solid area of buds. You might be surprised at the yield in a small area this way. Very little waste. He uses a DWC system that is only 6 inches deep. Flowering period is different for different strains. If the strain is unknown, a good rule is to harvest when about half of the trichomes “hairs” have turned from white to a reddish brown.