When and what Nutrients to add ? - Newbie here

Hello Folks any advise would be appreciated.

I am a little over two weeks since my seeds broke ground and this is my first grow, so its all new to me, but very exciting. I am growing 5 feminized jack Herer auto flowers in 5 gallon containers, soil is mix of peat moss, compost, vermiculite and pertite . They are on a 18 /6 light cycle in a 2 x 4 tent with two 100w led lights.

I have been watering about 16 oz every 36 hours. So far i think they look pretty good but i notice there a more of a light green than dark green. Could this be because i have not added nutrients ?

Any suggestions for when what and how to give them some magic potion ?!

They are about 6" tall currently…

IMG_1137|640x480 IMG_1136 IMG_1135


They look good to me. A little droopy but color is nice. Maybe they need a bit more water at a time. When u water fo u wait til it is nice and light feeling. Get to know pot weight with it being wet and dry. When they feel light give them a soak down til u see drips come from bittom of plant. Water slow to soak down all the medium if u water fast it will tunnel thru the dirt only getting some soil wet and leaving dry patches. After its soaked and u get some runoff drips stop and wait it out for 2 3 or 4 days til it feel super light again then soak it down again and wait. Each water soak it down slowly til u get some drip runoff then wait it ou t. They get the food they need and then they get the dry time they need to get oxygen to the roots. Not sure with ur m o xt u re of soil on nutes but typically 3 to 6 weeks before first feed is needed. Get urself some good ph and ppm meters ur gonna need them for a successful grow. Welcome and good luck. Maybe @kaptain3d can help out on tge nutes and soil usage if not he know every1 here and will point u in a good way


With that soil, some of my best bet for help would be @Oldguy, @Hoppiefrog , @Covertgrower and @Bulldognuts. To name just a few… :nerd_face:

Personally, I believe they are old enough for nutrients. Check if the cotyledons (first leaves, round at the bottomn) are still green… They store the first nutrients your seedlings will absorbs. When they start loosing color or start to atrophiate, that’s when I start feeding… but I only have a few grows… others have a lot more experience! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Definitely ready for food asap


If they are less droopy in am and droop thru out day that means the light is too intense, if droopy in am and perk up thru morning that likely means soil is cold at night

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Wait for soil to dry out a fair bit before watering in the mix ur in.let plants tell you when they are thirsty. Bad idea to water on a schedule unless hydro or coco

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thanks Mark, and everyone else !


Hey all…

i feed them a bit. yesterday … fox farm’s “big grow” liquid mix, put in about 15ml for just under two gallons.which was about 1/2 of the recommended nutrient dosage…

five plants in five gallon soil containers, so two gallons of h2o is / was lot for them, i had previously been giving them only 16 oz every 36 hours…

do they look droopy ? i am thinking maybe light fatigue ? they have been on 18 / 6 light about a week or so , previously 100 % 24 x…
The ladies are 18 days since sprout…

thanks :slight_smile:

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