What's Wrong With This Picture

Sad Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California backyard grow… So close yet so far.


Is that ash all over her?


Yes, but more…


That sucks !! I’ve been blowing ash off for months it seems like

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Yeah I had to put a fan to lightly blow off the ash took me about a week to get rid of it all. Hopefully no more

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I see a caterpillar, too. Get that out of there!


Well, all cut and done… Did not keep the plant, caterpillars ate too much and ash was just STUCK ON. Was good looking ash covered sticky-icky… Sux cause wanted this plant to survive to the end, which it did, but I did not want to put the possibility of toxic materials into my own system, only 0.5 mile from fires at the time. . I don’t need $$ to ‘dump’ buds to someone else to do that either. Caterpillars helped in deciding, also…

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully next year will be better and you won’t have to deal with all the ash.

The more I look the more I get freaked out haha. How many caterpillars in this pic?

From the fires. I’m sorry that that has happened to you guys. One Love

She looks good.