What's wrong with my White Widow?

Hi ILGM this is my first post…I’m currently growing 5 strains (all the same medium and feeding) 4 are doing great but my WW has light green and yellow streaks throughout the leaves and random small brown patches. I was thinking calmag deficient but that didn’t help, I did a few feedings with just ph’s h20 but it still looks sick. I’ve also lowered my light % down to 75 at 16". Anyone else have similar problems with WW?

Can you post a picture?

Yes thanks Dieselgrow, I’ll post when I get home from work.

Here’s the grow spot and the WW issue…

Here’s a pic of deficiencys. Do a water run off test to make sure your not nuking it with nutrients first then I would do nitrogen and calmag. But I’m not a pro. Maybe @Hellraiser could better assist

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Looks like a calmag issue and that can take a while to clear up and it won’t fix leaves already affected, just new growth. I’d be giving her 5ml/gal of CalMag every watering for a while then reduce to 3ml/gal when new growth is healthy. Ph and ppm of runoff would help.

See. I learn for ol daddy hellraiser teaching us youngins


Thanks guys, I’ve only been using a small amount of CalMag. Hellraiser when you say 5ml every watering what amount of water do you mean? I use about 60 ounces each watering for my 3 gallon pots, how much calmag for 60 ounces (about 1/2 gallon) h20?

I was having similar issues with my ww. Turned out I had a problem with my tap water, I fought it for the whole grow and still managed a decent harvest.
I would follow hellraisers suggestion with the 5ml per gallon and keep your ph on point. It will take some time. Also it’s probably a good idea to water to the point of a little runoff, in my 3 gallon pots that’s about 3/4 gallon per pot

@BrutalMetal, i believe he said 5ml/gal of water

Up your feeding. It’s a hungry girl !!!

This is the answer as it is deficient in many if not most nutrients. Add cal mag as well.

JackAndSan thanks I just noticed per gallon on the Calmag and Betrayed Soul as I mentioned I’ve fed & watered the 5 strains the same, the other 4 are stellar the WW is the only one that has this issue so I don’t think it’s my routine, I water and feed consistent.

Thanks Pinboy what ph did you run with the WW? I do 6.4-6.5.? And when I do 1/2 gallon watering in my 3 gallon fabric pots the bottom will get wet but no runoff so I’ll up it to 3/4…


Just saw this…your ph should be good. By now you’ve probably upped your cal/mag, any improvement? If not I would water to a good amount of runoff and test it for ph and ppm

Sorry I just saw this too Pinboy, the new leaf growth starts out green then turns lighter like before so no improvment. It went into flower cycle yesterday so we’ll see what happens…

That sucks. I couldn’t find any clear pics of my ww messed up leaves, but as messed up as they were they still made it to the end with a decent harvest and the smoke was great!
What soil are you using? Maybe post up another pic and someone with more experience will chime in