What's wrong with her? :(

Hey everyone, first time grower here! White widow autoflower, popped up out of the soil just 12 days ago and she is already 5" tall :slight_smile: was going perfectly until this morning when I checked her… she started with a few rust? Spots? I’m not sure!
Working with viparspectra 300W, 19" from canopy, temp is steady from 78-81°f
3 gallon fabric pot with ffof!
Runoff ph is 7, RH is normally 59-63%, but when I left for work, it had dropped
To 40% for 8 hours!! Came home and noticed these spots and that my tips were curling … help???

Hard to tell with those burple grow lights. Take a pic in natural light with flash.


At first I thought Cal-Mag problem. Could be from the water sitting on the leaves. I’ve had this when I use humidity domes. Why is there water drops on your leaves?


Water every 3 days or so until runoff, but I mist a few sprays usually every other day when I get home from work(like dew in the morning)… should I not?? And she grew a whole inch over 18hrs and it ended being about 16" from my light for about 4 hours, think it’s just a freak accident? But I noticed that my tips are curling too, is that just from the weight of the misting? And she’s starting to lean over to one direction, should I train her?

Ok i was just wondering some growers do mist there plants and some don’t. The leaning could be her looking for light, not knowing what type of light your using. I would start training with LST( low stress training)

Right now I’m using the viparspectra 300W, and it’s raised 19 " above the canopy,

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Not familiar with that light. Other wise they look good.

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I don’t see anything to really be concerned about. Nice start. Welcome to the community !


I too see nothing wrong other than all that water on leaves, which is a risky practice that’s not needed at all

The drops of water can act as magnifying glass with lights, burning the leaves( tho yours is not doing that at this point, maybe due to lack of strength in your light)

Id say your plant looks dandy


Thank you guys so much for all the input! I’ll have to stop with the misting, is that why the tips were curling? Hopefully she’ll get fixed right up now that my humidifier is working properly again, lol also here is the PAR chart for my light, and I’m only doing the one plant in a 3x3x6 tent… wanted to start a journal but not sure how…lol


I have used the 600 pretty good veg. Light. You may need a little more light flowering stage To achieve dense solid buds.

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Will need more lights. I ran 2 Viparspectra PAR600 lights. This puts it around 550 watts from the wall.

The PAR600 has three switches. Veg, Bloom and the last for flowering. The PAR600 light is way better than what the you are using.

I replaced them with 2 HLG 260xl rspec and was worth the investment.


@MrPeat, @kellydans okay, wow thanks! I thought this one light would be enough for the whole grow…I also plan on doing SCROG, and still kind of on a budget, how long would I have before she starts to flower to get it?


For Veg sure. For flowering no. Just not enough light. Don’t worry many got suckered by false statements by Amazon burple light manufactures.

It will be hard pressed to produce if more than 1 plant is in the tent.


No you don’t. I see absolutely no problem with misting your plants. I do it twice a day. The light won’t burn your leaves. That’s an old wives tale.

There are benefits from foliar sprays and feeds. We used to do it to our crops when I was growing up. Big sprinklers that we moved from one field to another all throughout the day. Sometimes feeding, but mostly watering. I have a sprayer hooked up for my outdoor grows that sprays them well almost every day. I mist my indoor plants at least twice a day and foliar feed once a week or so.

The newest objection to misting is it causes mold and mildew. The problem with that is, all you need for mold or mildew to grow is the right conditions. Misting or not, you need to keep your humidity and temps in the right ranges or you will develop problems.

I see absolutely no problem with your plant. Older leaves will show damage as your plant grows. They’ll be the first cannibalized by the plant. I’ve been known to remove older and larger fan leaves on photoperiods to encourage new growth.

I think someone has already addressed your lights. You really need something with a little more umph.

Good luck and happy growing.


If you see in the future A upgrade on light the HLG 260 V-2 rspec would be a nice Christmas gift for yourself.


U have a lot of moisture on ur leaves i would say u have burn from nutrients being on ur leaves

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I think I found you, @CoolTtheWiz . :wink: