What's wrong with my leaves? Looks like peeling and slight yellowing

Hey everyone, new to growing and I’ve run into a problem with my plant leaves that just popped up a couple days ago, before she was doing just fine and the leaves were starting to grow big and beautiful, then started noticing some changes in the leaves, they look like when a person gets a sunburn and the skin starts peeling. one set of leaves looks healthy which can be seen in the last pic, the others however look rough.

I’ll cover the basics of what I’m doing/growing in.

  • Autoflower Bruce Banner Strain purchased from ilgm

  • I bought a growing kit from apotforpot which is partnered with ilgm, I don’t know the exact soil or nutrients they use in their soil, but they advertise that you mix all the ingredients together into a super soil and it should be as easy as just adding water when it comes to growing autoflowers. I do remember mixing perlite, diatomaceus (spelling?) earth, rooting booster and coco bricks into the pre-mixed soil they include.

  • 2 gallon fabric pot

  • Checked my city’s water ph and its around 6-7 ph, I filter it and water with that

  • I put it outside during the day for natural sunlight and bring it inside during the night time under an LED growlight, not the most powerful, says its about 80 watts, but I doubt it. Either way it gets about 10 hours of natural sun slightly filtered through a tarp in my outside garden, then some LED light at night for another 8 hours or so.

  • I live in a typically hot climate, although its around 75-85 F during the early spring, but will hit 90-100+ in a few weeks and 100+ in the summer. At night I keep it indoors with the temp at around 70-75 F

  • Low humidity here so about 10%

  • Natural airflow outdoors, fan blowing indoors and an AC running

Other info:

My plant was dropped a few days ago from its pot stand and the soil ended up spilling and I had to re-adjust and scoop the soil back into the pot and it also ripped 2 small pieces of its leaves during the fall. Not sure if this could have had any effect on it. I also put it in direct sunlight (without the tarp filter) a few times when it was smaller, I noticed the leaves started to look a bit crispy (these bottom leaves can be seen in one of the pics, they’ve gotten yellower and worse with time) so I stopped and the new leaves started to look vibrant and beautiful again for awhile until this issue. Only one set of leaves doesn’t seem to have this peeling issue.
I grew the seedling in a peat moss jiffy pellet and then potted it in the 2 gallon fabric pot after about 10 days, I am not confident in watering because I feel the jiffy pellet holds a lot more water and moisture than the soil around it.
I also have another slightly older GSC auto that seems to be doing great, big healthy leaves and it is being grown in the same conditions, only difference being that it is in a 5 gallon fabric pot rather than a 2 gallon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am enjoying the process, but it can be stressful when you don’t know what the problem is.

Here’s a closer look of the leaves.

No idea. If you aren’t infected with mites I don’t really have an answer for you. Minor right now though.

That was my thought as I’ve done some research before posting on here, my thought was perhaps aphids as the damage looks similar to what they do, but am not confident that’s what it is. I’ve inspected all the leaves and none seem to have any pests on them. I also spray both my plants with a neem oil and dish soap mixture once a week to deter pests.

My other thought could be a watering issue since that’s the area I’ve been least confident in or the sun is too harsh even though we haven’t hit the hot months just yet. I live in a desert so even in 80 degree weather it feels hotter and drier.

When I spray the neem oil mixture I don’t dry them and I usually do it in the morning, but under the sunlight, could the fact that they are wet maybe be cooking my leaves a bit due to the sunlight?