Whats wrong? Leaves dieing

Strain; Bag seed,

Mother Earth coco 3 gallon bag

PH 5.7

Indoor 2000watt LED

Ventilation system; Yes,

So i spray the leaves with neem oil a few weeks ago because i seen spider mites and it burnt the leaves i waited then resprayed with water and alcohol it seemed to do the trick with no damage to the leaves but then i noticed the new leaves where dieing

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Are you treating at lights out?

Are you feeding them, if so, what? And what is the true wattage of your light, not the 2000w China claimed, but what is the actual draw from the wall? How high is your light above the tops, is it cranked up 100% or ??? At least needs some Calcium and Magnesium at this stage. And I’d give some epsom salts one watering, teaspoon per gallon.

No how do j do that

Yea fox farm nutes and its on 80%

And im not sure about the other questions but i do give it 3ml of calmag should i use more?

@EuforyBudz try a product called Green Cleaner. Neem is harsh and works it’s way inside the buds leaving a funky taste. Another product I’ve used for the mites is called Instant Mite Killer. Good luck