No growth please help!

I have no idea whats wrong!

could you also tell me what wrong this plant?

and is this plant healthy?

Fill out a support ticket

Strain; white rhino

Soil in pots, coco

System type?
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?6.8 ph
What is strength of nutrient mix? diluted bloom nut

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size? 3 12w led bulbs

Temps; Day, Night 70-90

Humidity; Day, 30%

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
yes fan
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
mist with spray bottle
Co2; Yes,

What size pots an with coco you need a ph of 5.8 it’s like hydro

2 10 gal 1 2 gal should I wait to adjust the ph till next time I water?

Do you just water or do you run nutes

How old are they

I have 3 plants one is 2 weeks one 3 months and one is 2 months can i use cal mag vitamin pills?

I’m not sure about pills @latewood @hillcrest @Donaldj @Majiktoker what are your thoughts on this

Epsom salt does the trick
did you check for mites like I suggested?

dude you were so right it was mites I sprayed the !@#$ out of them with water downed bleach going to repeat in 2 days I also dusted hella deamcast earth on the top layer of soil and cleaned grow area what else should I do?

insecticidal soap spray in dark cycle let it dry off but make sure to mist the hell out of them with it top to bottom I literally dunk my plants in a bath to drown the little bastards make sure to repeat for atleast 10 days every 2-3 days

I should have listened to you about spray on the night cycle my beautiful plants are all but dead they are fried!

well that’s a lesson learned most likely because you used bleach dish soap and water is better option and the reason you spray in dark is as you’ve seen water magnifies light and burns leaves though I suspect the bleach would be a bigger factor they will recover any luck all the mites are dead. The plant should recover a little sea weed extract would reduce stress and speed recovery

I sprayed once with this eco friendly spray the first time it was ok then I sprayed on more time for good faith thats when all my plants started wilting like ever leaf is dead even all the flowers look dry and dead I flushed all the plants and moved them to fresh dirt I really hope they come back im so mad at my self!

Buy proper nutrient formulas. Taking shortcuts is just a waste of time. The Cannabis you are growing is worth much more than the necessary nutrition and toolss needed to grow same.