What's with that whitening

Outdoors auto. No nutrients add. Last year soil.

Full sun on a hot day? Plants might benefit from partial shade…

Yeah full sun full day. Planted outside week ago. Not so hot. Is northen latitude summer sun is so bright and can do this?

Northern latitude could be even worse for light bleaching.

The rule of thumb: if it’s too bright or hot for YOU to sit there, then it’s too hot or bright for your plant. Full sun should be in partial shade.

Dunno if Im right one to be human thermometer :grin:
My body temp are 37.1C normally and I have almost allways hot everywhere. But yes it’s been hot week and full of sun. But others seems fine. Yeah my greenhouse shade other’s. And that’s exactly 1week there. It’s matching.

You can’t judge one plant based on another one. Every plant is different including it’s tolerance to outside stimulus. Just an FYI.

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I know that. Grow hundreds different girls. Not reach thousand yet but yeah I know everyones different. Just first time those white leaves . I’ve done all years same routine.

Scorched !