Half the online advice says 10 hours sun - whe other half says don't do it. Which is it!

Last year was my first grow and it was indoors in a tent. Everything went fine. This year I’m now growing in pots outside, supplemented by moving to a light-tent at night.

The plants are in their 6th week now but are stunted, pale, and with yellowing lower leaves that indicate nitrogen deficiency (or overwatering). Or is it that the sun is too strong??

I’m in Thailand and I can feel the sun burning my skin after just 10 minutes of exposure.

I double checked the into online and half the advice is “weed needs 8 - 10 hours a day of bright sunlight” - and the other half is that " . . . excessive light is as harmful as too little. When a plant gets too much direct light, the leaves become pale, sometimes burn, turn brown and die. Therefore, protect plants from too much direct sunlight during summer months."

I’m growing autos and they’re now in the early stages of bloom - so can anyone advise me - are autos too delicate for very hot sunshine?


Mine have been getting hammered 12 hours a day full sunshine 43C plus.
No problem.
May depend on strain,this one Afghan X
Maybe put a shade over them.


@robsamui try putting shade cloth over top of them might help protect em.


Mine did fine with the heat but I did put a sunshade over the plants when it got super hot in the summer to diffuse the sunlight.


Autos or photos??

Temps have a lot to do with it, so does humidity. With that said I’ve grown 12 ft plants on 5 hrs of direct sunlight the rest shaded. Try to place your plants where they get morning through noon sun and partially shaded in the evening if you are dealing with excessive heat. In excessive heat your plants will use twice as much water.

If your plants are suffering from lack of fertilizer or other nutrients don’t set them in full sun untill u have solved the issue.

In excessive heat areas, one should put the roots deeper in the earth than normal and use mulch around the base.


The heat and humidity has been punishing in North Texas. Some of my plants are handling it better than others. I have had to shade some from afternoon sun after being torched right next to other plants that are loving it at 100+.