Whats up with my plant?

hii guys
first ever grothw
i have a really slow growth female that in her 6 weeks in the flowering
og alien strein with slow growth gentica
outdoor grow.
reguller soil from the flower shop
5 direct sun hours a day all the rest in shade.
dont know ph levels
actually i just gave nature to do is thing…
pumped with bionove pk 13 14 2ml for every 10 liters every second watering 5 weeks now

at the start big leafs just got extreimly yellow-,whaitish color from butoom up and i had to cut those.
now thers just ‘burns’ look all over and she stoped growth.
also adges of leaves got a bit crispy and i had to cut alot of those yellow leafs

whats up with my plant ?!


Looks to be root bound to me ph lockout, when feeding nutes especially high PK nutes ph is a must in order for the plant to uptake nutes, from the looks she’s probably severely root bound

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What kind of soil? How big is the pot? Ph?
Not an expert here but, I agree with @Teffygreenthumb, looks root bound…also needs longer duration of sun and, if you’ve only ever fed her the PK, probably needed nitrogen during vegetative stage.

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Thrips infestation. The white speckling of the leaves is a sign. Check for pests.
Everyone covered the rest of the issues.

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First pic does look thrips ish…


tnx for answers guys!!
in case of Thrips infestation thers somthing that i can do ?
its look like it gots all the lefs

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Captain Jacks Dead Bug spray will work great even into flowering.

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It looks exactly what I had when I found thrips… and ditto the Captain Jacks :slight_smile: