Whats the better nutrient for soil

Growing in FF Happy Frog . Which is the better option for nutrients?
Jacks 321
FF trio
GH nutes .


I used ff trio for a couple years with good results. No experience with the others but have seen and heard good things about them both

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You ever use this stuff with it ?

I’ve used roots, fox farms and jacks. All grow good bud. But the absolute simplest has been Jack’s.


no the trio was enough for them, I was running with low power blurples at the time and they never asked for more. I did add some ff bembe every other week during flower, it’s a mix of molasses and poop seemed to add to the quality of my harvest 4sure.

I still use that stuff with Jack’s. Stuff works great

I’ve been mingling with growers with 10-15 years under their belt and Earth Dust keep popping up. Base for Veg and Boost for flower. It already has Beneficial Fungi and Bacteria .They say you can use your soil again , one guy said he has soil that is 5 years old . This spring, I’m going to invest in it.


Im using this stuff on autos if that matters any

It doesn’t. They’re basically just PK boosters.

I grow with earth dust now myself. I’m on my second round with it. I’m very happy with it I won’t be going back to salt nutes and all the ph problems that comes with it. Very good stuff

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