What yields are you seeing?

My very 1st grow, I had 9 plants, in a 5 ×5 tent, none taller than 26" and got 21 oz’s. A little over 2 per plant. My 2nd grow I had 5 plants topping out at 28" and yielded 17 oz’s, or about 3 oz’s per plant. My 3rd grow, which was compromised by a hermorphidite, ended with 2 plants heavily seeded harvested early gave 4.8 oz’s of bud, heavy with seed. The remaining 2 plants stayed on 1 huge gold leaf 42" tall and a smaller purple Frost, harvested at 103 days from seed yielded 75 grams from the PF, 300 grams from the GL! Almost 11 oz’s from 1 plant! My question is do the yields get that high when you endeavor to grow fewer plants larger? In other words, do you think 2 plants allowed to grow big enough to fill a 5×5 tent at full bloom, yield as much as 4 or 5 smaller ones. Never did I think 1 plant indoors would yield like that! BTW, gold leaf:-).

There are a couple of different philosophies regarding plant count and yield. @MattyBear dense-loads his tent and runs 12/12 from the start with photos and gets decent yields per square foot. But small yields per plant. The advantage is getting one more grow per year in that space compared to larger plants. In my case for example I grow four plants in a 4 X 8 but can really only do 2 1/2 grows per year vs. his 4 times per.

I can’t speak to his overall yields but in my last grow the four plants produced 37 oz. of flower. This is down from my previous home where I’d average 12 oz. per plant instead of around 9 oz. on average. I attribute that to living at high altitude now instead of sea level (7,000 feet).

Mostly yields are dictated by conditions so if you have decent light and a tuned grow space you’ll see increasing yields over time.

Hope that helps answer your question.


Genetics play a pretty big role also. IE last harvest my autos where huge, pulled just shy a lb on 4 plants. This strain plants are short, im expecting half a lb this time. With autos its a crap shoot, with photos you decide when they flower so you can train 16 tops in then flip to flower.

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I am only in week 6 so i probably have 4 or 5 left to go but this is my first grow and was wonder if anyone had an idea what i might yield. She is 5’11 and takes 4 adults to get our arms around her

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Looks like easy 2 - 3 lbs to me, but, I’ve never grown outdoors:-).


what he said, I cut a few like that last summer, the hands get sore and at some point the rest is “going to oil” so two pounds of great bud and a pound of loose small and leafy buds was typical. After drying that is.


Last harvest of 3 photo WW plants 21 and 1/2 oz

My personal thought is per square foot is the best estimator of yields, rather than “per plant.” But that sentiment makes a large number of assumptions. If I had 8 clones with 8 weeks of veg time or 8 clones with 4 weeks of veg time, I think the difference in yield would be negligible if they’re all crammed into the same 8-16 square feet. A plant or number of plants indoors is, I feel, significantly more limited by the availability of space to grow out/up - if you can fill your 16 square feet with 4 plants or 20, it’ll still be 16 very full square feet. Generally I’d assume the lower end of the breeder’s yield estimate, the more plants you shove in and shorter veg time you give them.

One plant can bring as much in indoors as she could outdoors if you veg that long, let her get that big, and give her enough light to mimic outdoors. Space, as mentioned above, is often the limiting factor for an indoor grow.

Plant yields for autoflowers, generally, will also be lower than their photoperiod counterpart. Simply because you can control when your photoperiod flowers and extent her veg time if you so desire to increase the yield, but you can’t for autos. In the case of autoflowers, more autos may mean more smokeable bud at the end of it, since per-plant the yield may be capped to an extent by her genetics.

My first and only harvest so far was 3 blue dream autoflowers In 3 gallon pots took 75 days start to finish and I got 12.2oz. This time I have 4 Photoperiods in 5 gallon pots and pushing for 1.5-2lbs. whether or not I get it is another story but what I’m aiming for.

That is about what i was thinking

I am going to harvest in 3 stages. So i can try to get 3 different affects and so there is less work at once

I actually havent seen it much, it was a good quality gene Bruce Banner photo, outdoors in a 20gal bag and fed lots, grown for 5.5 months.