Acceptable yield per plant

Just curious what you guys consider to be acceptable yield per plant? I just harvested and after growing 4 strains (1 plant per) i harvested 14.9 oz after drying. Indoor grow, hydro/aero setup. Is that low or high compared to what you guys get?

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That’s a pretty nice harvest I usually shoot for 8 to 16 oz per plant


Wow thats double to 4x what i got per plant. Is that indoors? Very cool either way


Yes indoor to get the 16 I just grow one plant in the 3x3 tent if I grow 4 in the 4x4 tent it’s around 8 per


Very nice man.

Can I see a picture of y’all plants by chance lol mine ain’t getting nothing even close I know a lot things play a factor but I wanna know what size plants yal are getting.

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I use a 4x4x8 tent and they were maxed out in every direction. Had to bend some at the end because the light was burning them and the lights were ziptied to the top frame. So they were pretty big.

Sorry the pic aint better but all i have are some videos and i couldnt find one that had the whole tent in frame.


Not bad at all. Grow space size, number of plants and veg time all have a big roles in per plant yield. Close to a pound from 4 plants ain’t too shabby!


Thanks man. My white widow only came in at .8 oz. Unfortunately she was started 1.5 weeks later than the other 3. Just goes to show you how much veg time matters. The other plants blocked a ton of light from getting to her too


My auto purple punches one has ton of stretch an I’m trying get the Wilt out the heart got a little high on them hope I get more than I did off the list



Are you growing in soil? I dont know much about that but im sure one of the other guys could help there. They do look a bit stressed out. I have about 700-800 watts of light on mine so theres going to be a bit of difference in growth.

As a side note…i have no idea how people get tray fulls of kief. After trimming all that i dont even have 1/2 coating on the bottom tray. I suspect dry trimming yields a lot more. Ive only wet trimmed.

Also, my la confidential dropped 8 seeds, my white widow and nyc diesel dropped 2 each. Weird bc they were all feminized. Oh well, thats a lot if money in free seeds.

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This was last run I got a pound off of her in the 3X3

Here’s three pounds off of four in the 4x4



Even feminized seeds can push out some seeds they’ll try to reproduce sometimes at the end of their cycle feminized seeds can also hurt me and turn half male on you and seed out your whole crop you’ve got to be careful of that even with feminized seeds as they’re transitioning to flower you need to keep an eye out for Hermies✌🏻


My last two plants averaged 12 oz. of dried flower each. That’s about the target yield I look for.


Although I aim for 10-16oz per, 1 plant at a time in a 38x38x72" tent, My goal is always quality over quantity. 2 oz’s fire beats a lb of crap any day in my book.


wicked pics growmie!!! :100:


Its like the Himalayas

Very true