What wrong with my seedling 🌱

So I was so excited to finally see a baby Bruce peeking up this morning as I left for work. So far the first 3 of my 10 pack have been duds so I was so happy to see this little gal working hard this morning.

Well I get home and can’t wait to see her and this us what I walk into :disappointed:.

I should add that I tried ilgm soak in water and it worked fine for the others with 100% germination rate on every strain expect the Bruce Banners.

I’m afraid this one is not going to make it so I’ll be 0-4 out of this batch so far… I guess technically it did germinate. But I must add, it spent 72 hours I. The water and did not do anything. I went ahead and planted it in FF happy frog with about 20% perlite and that was on the 11th, and it took a week to get to this point… I have another one in the red solo that went through the same process I just described and it still hasn’t came up…

Is this strain just really hard to get started or any ideas what’s going on?

You can see the gorilla glue and GSC are doing well with my methods but little miss BB don’t seem to like something about me :disappointed:

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It looks like the inner skin from the seed shell is stuck on the leaves. You can try to dome it to see if it will come off on its own, or just get some tweezers and gently remove it.

Other than that, I don’t see anything wrong with that seedling.


It’s been under a dome I removed it to take the pictures pictures. It is definitely the casting or something attached still. And it’s definitely no good now.
I tried to remove it just now and it is firmly attached and I have broken it :cold_sweat:.
I’ve had to help pull off a shell in the past and usually a good blow or maybe just a tiny bit of aid and it comes off. This one is just different, I don’t how to explain it but it sorta looks like the seed case and leaf was fused or like it’s been toasted or something :thinking:.

Who knows, it is nature after all…

Can’t say I’m to much more disappointed though seeing how I’ve yet to get one thus batch to open up.

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It’s the seed membrane. You can try to moisten it and take the finest trimmers you can find to snip it, but you have to be suuuuuuper careful. But if it is under a dome and has only been one day, leave it domed and give it til tomorrow. I had to do that with my first, and I’m harvesting her tomorrow.


Excellent advice my freind thank you :blush:
I did exactly that late last night and she was free and opened up this morning. I’ll get a updated picture when I get home this evening.
I broke one of her cotyledons so she is very sad but alive :pensive:

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Mine was stuck for 3 days lol. Her cotyledons actually had indentions where the first leaves were starting to stab. This is her about 30 minutes ago…


The same thing just happened to me, though a different strain. Out of a ten pack, I germinated 5 seeds using my standard water soak and then paper towel to finish off before planting in soil. This batch of seeds took twice as long to generate a sizable root for planting as I am accustomed to. One seed did not germinate at all.
The four germinated seeds were transferred to a solo cup with seed starting mix, watered, and baggie placed loosely over the top. These were placed in my grow tent at 78 F, 60%RH, and 100 PPDF.
After about 4 days, two popped through the soil and that’s about all that they grew. After another week, I called it quits. The other two never broke through the soil. They just didn’t want to thrive.
Contacted CS and they refunded my money. Bought more seeds, just not the same strain.

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