Seeds not Germinating - I Think

Hi guys! First post for me. So, another first - I am soaking 5 Bruce Banner feminized seeds purchased 4 months ago in water in a shot glass in my closet since 5 days ago, but the seeds look like hey only swelled and cracked but no tails except maybe one that now has fuzz on it. I changed to water, still hoping they would pop, but now I have no clue what to do except plant them or wait. I replied back to my order email and explained, so I’m waiting on their response, but please, can anyone offer help?

Take them out and put them in a damp paper towel then put that in a ziplock bag. 5 days is too long to soak


Just did. Thanks. Wish me luck!

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Welcome to the community. Those seeds may not make it. A
5 day soak can and will make seeds to turn to mush.

I would use damp toilet paper or paper towel in a ziplock baggie and go from there.

I recently germinated my first seeds with success, I have 3 different strains which all germinated at different rates.

Some of mine took 5 days or so, if you do your homework on the site - the site suggests up to 7 days before your seeds are soaked too long.

It may be worth an email if you had no luck at all, but some of mine also seemed to form some fuzz and took around 5-7 days for my seeds that took the longest.

Remember that experiencing problems are a part of learning and growing, keep your hopes up and enjoy !

Welcome @jzseeds! I’ve only grown clones but I will be dropping som CBD seeds this winter. I am looking forward to watching the progress of your grow.

Also if u have a heating pad or a seedling mat add that for heat. Heat will help germ and get it growing faster. Good lick.