Need a little help from the experienced pleasse

I bought the 10 Bruce Banner seeds and even after putting them in water for 48 hrs they still aren’t breaking ground. If the 10 seeds i had one start and its like paralyzed. Its 2 weeks old and the leaves are touching the dirt. And the other 9 did nothing. I can’t be the only person having trouble with this strain. I did great with the gorilla glue and have 2 of those going and looking good. Please tell my what’s up with this strain

Was the water cold?

I may be wrong about this, but I was under the impression seeds should be in water 24 hrs max or else they run the risk of water logging or molding (or something like that). I’ve dropped seeds in a solo cup of water with a cap full of hydrogen peroxide, and left them overnight (12-24 hours) in a warm dark place. If I don’t see a tail after that, I still fold it up in a damp paper towel and put the paper towel in a ziplock baggie. Then that goes back in the warm dark place for 2-5 days. Once there’s a tail, I pop it into a Root Riot cube and just let it grow (or not).

Not sure. I’ve only had a handful of seeds just absolutely refuse to crack.


I’ve had plenty wait to pop close to 48 hrs but I will say if they don’t pop by 48hrs I alway move to the paper towel method seals in a ziploc

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Some pic help and don’t worry about you soak the seed on water for 48 hr just to help the seed add some h2o2 is go to help,
I don’t know what water you used and if your seed be on the water so explains more about that and the other plant can be over watering or something without pic we cant help you

The only time I’ve let the seeds soak for more than 18 hours, they ended up rotten in the dirt. The most common and most successful method I’m aware of, is to soak them for no more than 18 hours, tail or no tail. Then on a wet paper towel, and fold it in half with seed in middle, in an open Ziploc bag, or on a plate, in the dark. The bag ensures the paper towel stays moist. A root tail should pop out within a couple of days, and from there go to your medium.


Once they sink, sometimes need to tap them, that’s enough soak.
20hr is enough.
Watter logged them


Honestly on old seeds I’ve seen a guy on of say for his 30 yr old landrace seeds he soaks in strait peroxide 3% for 20 to 30 mins dumps out and fills with ro water for 12 to 24 hrs. Says this method always works for him and he has a tap root in 1 to 2 days no matter what seeds he drops. Do not soak the seeds for more than 20 to 30 mins in peroxide by itself or it will make the seed mush the seed she’ll is softened by the peroxide and also helps keep the seed a clean sterile start. After the soak paper towel it and let it be. He leaves his seeds on napkins til they have like 1 to 2 inch taps seems an awful long tap for a seed lol. Mine usually an inch at most and I’m covering them lol

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I did the peroxide after I had 2 rot. And they were the ones that soaked for upwards of 72, and not ILGM either. Dug them up and they were like boogers. But I dropped 2 more and used like 5 drops of peroxide because I only soak in 10ml medicine cups. Put in paper towel after about 16 hours and here they are almost 3 weeks later

Green bag is GSCE by ILGM
Brown Bag is PoisonBerry from Crop King Seeds

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Room temperature

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You can see where it tried but just died. Most didn’t even show this much


When I use camera to take pictures to upload on here they just simply don’t. This has been super frustrating. I do what I’m supposed to and these seeds are just a bad batch.

The best method is as follows.

Get seeds
Soak for 20hr in 2 parts water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide
Pour that water mix on some paper towel and then ring it out.
Put seed in damp paper towel, slip in Ziplock.
Put in dark warm area for 2 days.
Transplant into damp medium when tail is decent size.

It’s beneficial to start in a small solo cup or I much prefer a biodegradable nursery pot, big containers are often hard to control the mosture level early on.
Don’t keep it soaked, just keep it moist.

This whole time it needs to be above room temp, if it’s room temp you’ll have issues.

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Thank you. Yes I’m a fan of putting a small amount of peroxide in the water to soak them. The others i tried were in smaller containers. I have them under mars hydro lights. They are starting warm and moist. The other strain has both seedlings going that i did same way

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I also use peroxide, about a tsp per half full solocup

@NickM I don’t germinate seed if I don’t get from ilgm and I understand and read like 3 different ways to germinate if I go to germinate some seed from ilgm I let the sees soak for 72 hrs in darkness with h202 in the water and a soon I see 1/4 or 1/2 of the tail out and move to her home but if you seed is not from ilgm soak for 24hrs with h2o2 in water and move to paper tower in a taper and a soon you seed the tail are 1/2 she is ready

@Nik and that seedling look over watering

Best of luck, after reading how labs do it in multi million dollar operations with hundreds of seeds in test tubes I have seen long soaks (aka wster germination) is less successful

I’m sorry is so many nick here lmao but went I order my seeds from ilgm they recommended soak 72hr in water until now I don’t have problems

20 seed autosflower 4 seed germinate in 72 hrs with water and some drops of h2o2