Need a little help from the experienced pleasse

I soak all seeds and get damn close to 100% germ rate. I dont soak more than 48 hrs though. At that point the wet paper towel method is used but almost never comes to that.

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As they say in elections. Keep doing the same thing you’ll keep getting the same result.

Yeah, this nik thinks this whole site format sucks. You can’t do s*** on here. Where do you click to tell them that you got 10 dud seeds after having a 90 percent success last grow? Where do you click. It’s not on my phone. This is so frustrating

only way I can type to say i got 10 dud seeds is by replying. This site sucks

Watch the F bombs please. @ILGM.Stacy can you help this member please?

Once Stacy sees this she will reach out, however, the forum is not the seed shop or customer service. This is for grow support.


@Nik yes with ilgm bank I had 98% of germinate seed

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Ok on my gorilla glue i did first run last time, they all came up. And I actually left a seed in the water peroxide mix for about 5 days, that was on accident but even that seed that soaked 5 days was ok. I’m pretty sure you can soak for more than 20hrs. But since these Bruce Banner seeds aren’t working, what do y’all recommend? Strain wise?


I apologize for F bomb. I’m so frustrated. But as promised, you gave my funds back so I can try another strain. That’s pretty awesome of y’all and I’d never take advantage of a company that solid. Where was i supposed to file a complaint? I must need a computer class because I can’t do what I want on this site. Anyone else have problems? Just me?