I ordered Autoflower Super Mix and AutoFlower Sweet Mix.
There are three of us that are growing. I soaked the seeds then placed them in the paper towel, then into Happy Frog.
One guy planted them straight into the Happy Frog
Other guy planted them straight into his flower bed.
I had one really tiny Bruce Banner seed that didn’t germinate. But we all had the other four Bruce Banner seeds germinate.
BUT…one thing all three of us have in common…the Bruce Banner doesn’t want to grow!! Compared to others that were planted at the same time the Bruce is doing nothing. I slightly water mine daily using bottled water. All three of us are growing outside, plenty of sunlight.
Anyone having issues with Bruce Banner not turning into the Incredible Hulk? Do I need to make it angry??
I’ll include pictures of the tiny Bruce and a Gorilla Glue, both planted the same time in the same soil.

Bruce Banner
Gorilla Glue

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You’ll find out that no matter what you do, you’ll always have runts, or ones that get sick, or grow stupid, or the whole batch sucks.

Just know you will lose some after they germinate.
And you will have some that don’t germinate at all.

Many seedlings “dampen off”.

My first 3 Bruce Banners grew quite strong, with huge fan leaves early and stretched taller than any other ilgm auto with LST when full grown.

I have 2 Bruce Banner Autos right now that are barely popping up. Not happy about them either.

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I’m wondering about this batch. One tiny seed that didn’t germinate and the other four don’t want to grow. This is the one strain I was really excited about too. Sucks!!

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As long as they are ILGM and u have the order number, they’ll make it right. Love that about this site. Especially with posts like this? Stacey’s usually on it before we get a chance lol.

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It would probably benefit you to sift or at least pick the pieces of wood out of your soil in the area you’re dropping your seed. Don’t want them to have to fight obstacles in their first days.
Lol at “Do I need to make it angry??” :blush::v:

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I HATE wood chips…. Would rather old roots in my soil then them chips. :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5:

Those bits of bark and wood are straight from the bag of FoxFarm Happy Frog.

My Bruce passed away yesterday. Oh well, wasnt meant to be I guess. Maybe my friends will survive and do something. Disappointed though.

Sorry for your loss. Next time put a dome over them. You just need to spray the dome twice a day. They will perk up. :+1::+1::+1:

actually I do have domes for all my plants. Don’t want birds or a sudden downpour to kill them

Where I live, growing outdoors will land you in Prison since they consider marijuana be the hardest core drug in the world. Texas.

We have had over 1 foot of rain since the beginning in May. The flies are horrendous and so is the mosquitoes. After the hard freeze in Feb, we are now just hearing frogs The Sheep Frog I still haven’t heard. I saw my first lizard a few days ago. So hopefully they will start munching on the flies and mosquitoes.

been dry here on the mid atlantic east coast but never know when a rain will pop up. Actually gonna rain alot this weekend

Same problem😠!!! Super mix auto ,1 banner crushed in shipping😭 4 didn’t germ. 10 others great!!! They gave me coupon. But really wanted to try .scared to order again .seeing a lot of bad banner seeds not germing???

I had the same problem with my GSC Extreme and I got 1 seed out of the 5 to sprout and it seemed like I was doing everything right. Contact the support team and they will make it right. I was expecting a 1 seed replacement and they sent me a 5 pack. As for Bruce banner I’ve had great luck with her so far so keep trying and keep us updated


Thanks I will try again yours look great!!

No problem man! It’s easy to get down on yourself when your new to a hobby or just trying new things but just remember everyone is here to help each other. I’ll post my 1st journal sometime in the next couple weeks and I’ll be keeping up to date with the Bruce banner in the 1st pic and the new strains im planting GDP and GCK. Would love to hear yours and anyone else’s opinion who wants to drop by. Looking forward to constantly gaining more knowledge from the folks here. Keep doing you and stay positive and lifted brother


I’m growing BB right now. First time grow. I had a few seeds that wouldn’t germinate either. Finally I put it right in the 5 gallon grow bag and under a light and it is pretty big now. I tried to grow 3-4 outdoors and they didn’t take.

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I had no luck with my Bruce banner from the super mix autos either. I Havnt gotten around to contact customer service yet but I probably will before my next order. Other than that all my ilgm seeds have been great


I was told i didn’t know what i was doing because my Bruce Banner sprouted but thats it wouldn’t grow
Was told just try bag seed until you figure it out
Its really great to get advice from people with POUNDS in their closet
When your struggling with ptsd paying 60 dollars an 1/8

Ilgm seeds are “ok”
But buying from a breeder
Their name and reputation is on the line
Ilmg you get a bin number
Oh and extra seeds if the first ones (or second) dont grow

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