Gorilla Glue & Bruce Banner seed problems?

Hey fellow growers!! Was just wondering if anyone was having issues with GG & BB ? This year or at anytime. The problem Im having is that my GG & BB all germinated but the GG is way smaller then the others I planted @ the same time (4/12/21)…and the worst is the Bruce Banner…Its still in closed cotyledon stage ( lol) actually not funny but…? The others are Romulan(photo) ,GSC, Skittles,Banana Kush (autos) All ILGM except Romulan. Ive already re-started the Bruce (It popped up only 2 days ago…It looks tiny too? I will try to post pics soon!! Thanks!!!

No issues with Gorilla Glue auto from ILGM. First seed I tried germinated. Here it is at 9 days since it sprouted. Color is a little off but I think maybe it’s light stress (new to growing so not sure).

I am having issues with Blue Dream Auto. 2 seeds failed to germinate and the one below has looked like this for about 6 days.

@Naturalmedsman :Thanks for the reply & pics. The second pic is what my Bruce looks except It was planted on the 12th of April and the still has its coty closed? By the way the first plant you show looks okay to me.

I am having germination issues with Blue Dream also

Sour Diesel no issues