What type soil for seedlings

Ok, got my beans with tiny pop sprout. Reading articles one in grow bible said to stay away from miracle grow type soils with time released nutrients and another one I read said to use one for seed propagation.
Should I be using just plain potting soil?

Generic Organic potting soil with perlite works perfect. Or if you can’t find that there are a bunch of seed starting mixes available. Stay away from anything with fertilizer in it. @ReMoLu

I go start to finish in Fox Farms Happy Frog without issues. Are you going to be growing in soil?


I also have had great luck with FFHF. If you have a local hydro store, they’ll almost certainly have it.

What type of FFHF the ph balanced or organic ?


I’m pretty sure there is only one Happy Frog soil, which is organic and ph balanced. I’m guessing it’s the same thing, just described in a different manner. They also make a soil conditioner and a line of nutrients under the same name.


Happy Frog Organic / ph balanced soil.



Any kind of soil is good for seedling But needs to have a very low NPK level (0.3-0.1-0.2 or something like this) :wink:

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@bob31 thanks I got some today and my sprouts are in bed. All 5 that I started germination on sprouted.

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I used a seed starting soil and added about 15% worm castings ! Is that OK?