What to use to clean flexi tank

Hey everyone,
I am getting ready to start a new batch. I have heard not to use bleach to clean your tank or lines. What should I use.

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Peroxide is effective as well.

What is problem w bleach i usually use vinegar and then peroxide but have onsidered bleach

I use 12% peroxide to clean my reservoir once a week.

You can’t get rid of all of it. Peroxide or white vinegar are your go-to.


@JohnM Here’s another option that is safe and clean.


Sorry. Couldn’t link the site. :wink:

Or you can also make your own like a quite a few growers are doing now.


Brewers and distillers use a product called “Paracetic Acid” which is peroxide and white vinegar combined. Leaves no residue and requires no rinsing to dissipate.


I’ve been using drip clean, two for one product. You can use it to keep your lines clean through the grow and also as a cleaner for valves, lines, etc…

I take it you run a “dirty” reservoir. That is, bacteria and other microbes are used in the reservoir.

If growing in anything but rockwool cubes only, you will get a dirty reservoir @beardless . I use Hydroguard and Z7 to keep mine as clean as possible and I still have to clean it with Peroxide and hot water every week or stuff accumulates in my chiller tank. I also flood the plants with about 3% h2o2 once a month to keep the roots nice and white