Cleaning pump and chiller what to use

i use a chiller and a pump in my hydro grow. how do i clean these properly. i keep getting root rot and think this could be my problem.

Use a very strong hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mix. And in this case not just the normal drug store H2O2 which is only about 3%.

Instead get something around 30%, something more like this:



thanks MacGyver Stoner. JUST RECEIVED H2O2 IN MAIL, my next question is can this be used strait or does it need to be diluted? this was a used chiller and a lot of really bad stuff on the inside.

Well, after cleaning everything with water and a rag or what have you – to remove all heavy debris and any visible gunk or residue…

Then you would fill the system with fresh clean water only, and add about 3 to 4 ml (about 2/3 to 3/4 tsp.) of it per gallon of water. You want to run this through the system for probably at least 4 hours. Make sure all your water pumps and air-stones are running, you want this mix to thoroughly get in every spot any of the water and microbes can get into.

And don’t forget to make another mix at the same strength to soak any misters, sprayers or feed devices/lines and any media you plan on reusing. And any tools, like measuring cups or syringes.

Also don’t forget your EC/TDS and pH meters, these need to be thoroughly cleaned as well. Refer to those items manufacture’s instructions on how to clean them.