H2O2 Auto Doser?

I usually only use hydrogen peroxide when there’s a need, but I’ve read several times now, how it’s just an all around good preventative additive to hydro systems, especially if a chiller is a borderline need. The biggest issue being it’s quick breakdown time and needing to be re-added everyday.

Which begs the question, has anyone thought about using an auto-doser for H202? It wouldn’t be too awful expensive at around $60 for a peristaltic pump, some hose, and a daily minute timer.

Of course dosage would be up for discussion, but any thoughts on if this is a viable idea?


Clueless on this myself Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:




check valve

H2o2 degrades rather rapidly as you mentioned. Stored in the correct temp in a light proof container about 6 months is all you get after opening, max. Generally about a month is typical for efficacy.

I like the idea of dosing H2o2, but I don’t think you need a pump. Use a light proof container with a low drain. Use the normally closed valve on the drain and drain to your reservoir with timer. A check valve may be needed for consistent flow. An inline flow control may be needed to reduce dose due to the timer being 1 minute. Or a hose pinched off and sealed with a lighter and then holes poked in the hose until desired flow.

You could probably find everything but the timer at a junk yard / salvage yard.

I will be looking at this myself if I find any need between system refreshes. (Haven’t got that far yet)