What to do if u find mold in between colas

I was lookin in between my cola and when I peeled back the buds to look in between I see like a light brown. In the inside… monday is the day I was cutting them down to hang and I see this. What now? Still cut n hang? Throw away? Wash? Can it be saved? the outsides still look amazing n smell good…cant be cured? Or smoked? Fml

If the bud is rotten I toss it. If there’s a little mold and the bud hasn’t yet rotten I will try to cut or wash it out. I will tend to use it for oils or edibles rather than into the jars for curing buds.

id go 1 inch below the bud rot, cut everything above it.

how many plants? separate the diseased plants.

drop humidity down and get a circulating fan in there

pictures please. whole plant and area of problem

FIRST------Dip the buds in hydrogen peroxide bath to stop/kill mold.

SECOND----inspect each cola…open them up to the center. Cut out ANY mold/brown spots

THIRD----Keep looking for new mold/brown spots

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how much hydrogen peroxide

A pic would help.
If it’s bud rot, I’d cut them now. Another week will infect more.
Cut off and throw away anything fuzzy or rotten. Def give them a peroxide bath when you trim. 1cup 3% peroxide for 5 gal h20.

Do a search here for bud rot or boytritis. There were a lot of people battling it this fall (myself included). There is no cure, just managing to minimize the loss.

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