This Bud rot issue got me thinkin

I almost exclusively make eatables out of what I grow. While I am fighting this bud rot tooth and toe nail to salvage what I can and shall continue to. How will any mold I might miss stand up to water right at the boiling point for 25 minutes? Can it survive that. Not to mention de-carbonation at 240 for another 20 minutes. If it is dead is it still dangerous? Per 420 suggestion I went out and BOMBED them with distilled water and H2O2 yesterday and I am keeping a close eye on them.
Sincerely…Just grasping

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No. You will soften the trichomes and you will end up with cannabinoid water.

A bud wash will help if it isn’t too bad.

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I would remove any flower that shows bud rot. Then:

Do a long bud wash in stronger solution of peroxide/water.

Think about doing a water cure with peroxide in the first water exchange.


I read about water cure yesterday but only because it happened to show up in something else I was reading. I took your advice and went out and bombed them with distilled water and H2O2. I drenched them. One of my problems is I’m not sure if what I am seeing is bud rot or brown and dried leaves that have broken off right at the bud. I will cut another off and send pictures today or tomorrow and you can take a look. Also should I harvest now? I will definitely do a bud wash. How strong would you mix the solution?
Now that I have your attention. What soil would you suggest for my indoor grow? I have been using FFOF so I would like to kkep it in that price range? Thanks in advance 410

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After you remove a bud from the plant that looks to have bud rot break the bud apart an you will see the mold if present. (Smokey gray look)
Good luck :v:

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Thank you.

Come to think of it I haven’t seen anything that was smokey gray. I am going to cut off a bud and tear it apart. I am going to pick one that I thing might have bud rot. I will post it today or tomorrow. Please watch for it.

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If you tug on the leaf and it comes right out, it’s bud rot and is inside the cola.

You could but depending on how far along you are, you could miss out on some yield.

Be aware that this will dry out leaves and make the plant look ‘scruffy’ with dried leaf edges.

FFOF if you are in soil. My preferred media is coco and Jack’s. I use Autopots but you can top-feed coco. This gives you complete control of the nutrient load on your plants.

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