What to choose for outdoors?

Question from a fellow grower:

I am a guerilla NY grower who starts his plants in early March,
and even with topping they are pretty big when taken into woods. I need
to know strains other than blueberry that grow well like this. Last year
I got 1lb from a single plant of Texada Northern Lights. But bud was
sub par in looks,bulk. Any info at all greatly appreciated!!

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you mite try Frisian Duck for its natural camo leaf structure .don’t know much about it . but its been talked about in weed world magazine. you can access it on line . the picts I’ve seen make it look like a good yielder . hope this helps.H

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I am also a Guerilla grower from upstate NY, I am now planting Blueberry Autos and White Widows, Feminized, from @ Ilgm, I"ve never planted (ordered) seeds , only what people gave me, so I couldn’t tell you what it was definitely.
Follow my grow on the “outdoor seeds and growsite”- labled upstate NY indoor start outdoor Auto grow. and we"ll find out how White Widow Fem. does.