What time of day to supercrop

So I have some lady’s I started into flowering 5 days ago. I started flowering late this time so my girls are pretty big and bushy. I had topped them earlier on in Veg.

Anyway i am planning on supercropping some of the taller branches to try and even out the canopy a bit.

My question is what time of day should I supercrop?

Being I’m on a 12/12 cycle now I have limited times when I can actually do it between work and other things going on. When I get home from work I have about an hour and a half before the lights go out for the day. So I’m curious as to if it is better to supercrop when the lights first come on or if I can do it when I get home from work before the lights go out.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Here are a few pics of my girls.

What I know is that you will need to cut lower branches…

@MacGyverStoner maybe you can help him?

Why will I need to cut lower branches?
Just want to make sure I know why before doing anything.

I tried looking at that link but it brings up a blank page for me.

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Because your taller branches are already go to flowering stage… And you will be able to clone the lower branches if that is not a autoflowering strain
P. S. You need a second opinion for that

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I got the link to work.

I don’t plan on cloning any of them. I’ve read you can supercrop a few weeks into flowering without any issues. And some even say they have done it late into flowering with no ill effects. I personally wouldn’t do it past 2 weeks but I’ve never done it and am only basing that off from what I have read.

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Hi. First if all I advise you to add some nitrogen immediately!!! Before starting flower feeding.
Supercrop can be done all daily time.
But for me it is better when light start on.
It depends by your hands if you are able apply a deep or light squeeze without broken stem.
I advise you a light squeeze and bend with tape. It is safer. But if you have more experience you can apply a strong squeeze and stem don’t need bending down.
For a light squeeze is better before light off.
This is a my personal opinion.
Because plants are very fast to point versus light and if squeeze is soft after 15 minutes you can see a supercrop stem as a normal stem. If you supercrop without bending and light squeeze before light are off , it can be more effective in the sense that stem stay down better​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:
Good growing

I think you misunderstood my question I was asking about supercropping not monster cropping

Thanks for the reply.
I actually fed them last night. I fed them Veg nutes again so they should be a little greener in a day or two.

As for the supercropping. What you posted makes sense. Since this my first time I’ll probably wate until the weekend so that I can do it when the lights first come on so I can take my time and not rush it.
I only not plan on doing a few of the taller branches to experiment a little.

Thanks again!

Good. You will be surprised about how fast the plant will recover. It is better try a light squeeze first. You can repeat it next days if doesn’t stay down

Thanks for the help @M4ur, but maybe you posted the wrong link, as Monster Cropping and Super Cropping are different things.

@Jmesser80, the time of day is not that important, as was stated above by @Teddy78 .

Teddy also said “when light start on”, and if by this it is meant immediately after the lights come on (because working in the dark is a bit difficult, however you could also do this right before the light comes on using a special green light, as plants kind of “don’t see” green light and will still think it is dark), I agree.

Right before the light comes on, or immediately after the light comes on, the plants will be less “turgid”. And this means the plants’ stems will be less stiff and easier to bend without breaking or causing an opening in the plants’ “skin”, which is better for the plant and helps prevent diseases from getting into the plants’ tissues.

Even when bending for super cropping during later after the light has been on for some time, if you are careful and squeeze and “roll” the stems between your fingers while squeezing or “pinching” them, you can sill get them to bend without actually breaking or opening any of the “skin”.

Happy super cropping,



Perfect. Great info.

Thank you for the link and the info it is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I don’t mess it up.

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Thanks for explain very clearly what I never can do with my words.:rofl::rofl::rofl: It is very hard for me translate my think in English language. Because I only try give advise to help someone only by my empiric experience and not reading in the web. And I try to be simpler as possible. There are in this forum people knowing all about ec, tds, ph, all about feeding and have a fantastic indoor set-up that i can only see in my dreams, but they are not able of simply watering 1 plant and have not basic green thumb. I like help these peole in simpler words. But I will learn from all you to write a perfect tecnic English . Thanks @MacGyverStoner7

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Here’s a before and after hopefully this helps

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