What the heck is going on here

My first attempt at growing an auto flower “Blueberry”, this plant is a little over a month old and only about 7" tall.


It has started to flower.


What container is it in? How big? What soil?

She’s in full flowering mode, yeah that’s why I don’t recommend autos for new growers, if they don’t get off to a nice fast start than that is what you end up with, a tiny flowering plant that won’t produce more bud than I smoke in one day. Go for photos next time. Keep it as a cute solo cup plant and start up some more plants.


I thought it was in a solo. If left in the solo, will that limit growth that much?

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Tiny cup, :pinching_hand: likely some watering :sweat_drops:and lighting :flashlight: issues as well. Learn from it and move on. You will do better next time. :evergreen_tree:


Looks roughly on expected course for auto. The question should be why your plant was only 7" tall after a month. Likely some environmental and care issues that are fairly easy to improve on.


As others have noted. Autos are on their own time.

Best suggestions I have are:

pop that sucker right into the pot you plan to grow it in. I have heard 3gal or 5gal fabric pots are pretty much the prime territory for autos.

Give it a solo cup’s worth of a neutral or lightly nutriented soil and fill the rest with your medium of choice (I’m having good success with FFOF at the moment but I’ve seen plenty of growers in Happy Frog for their autos).

Water in a ring around the plant while it’s young (I’m bad at this, so I flip a solo cup upside down on top of my plant and water the solo cup. The water runs off the cup in a perfect circle around my plant)

And if no one has said it- put the spray bottle down. Weed likes wet/dry cycles. Not sure how you water but I’ll assume a spray bottle was involved at some point because it usually is (I sure had one).

Hammer that thing with as much light as you can give it before it hits that DLI threshold (@dbrn32 or someone else can probably link a helpful YouTube video to explain what that is and why we care). I suggest 18 hours on, 6 hours off without knowing more about your lighting situation.

Get good with your nutrient line. Pick one and stick with it. Advanced growers here recommended Jack’s to me for it’s simplicity and I wholly pass that recommendation along.

For what it’s worth, I love your 7” auto. It will give you something you can smoke, even if not much. I’ve got a 12” auto I absolutely stunted all by myself and I’m very proud of her. :joy:

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Its not in a solo cup, its in a pot a little larger than a solo, medium is coco and worm castings. Lighting is 2 100w CFL’s set for 16 hrs on & 8hrs off.

I have three outside pure indica that are over 7’ tall and this was my 1st attempt at an auto flower.

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Looks like a solo cup to me lol. No fuss tho.

They are just saying, the small pot restricted the autos already limited time to grow. Thats why alot of auto growers start in their forever homes (3-5 gallon pots) or at least transplant pretty early. A month in a solo… er little bigger then a solo is restrictive.

Few other factors could be maximized to make the most of ur time.

Using coco and castings is solid but what nutrient solution are u planning on using?

2 100w cfls (not sure if they are full 100w or ‘equivalent’) but thats not gonna cut the cake. Yes itll grow weed. But not strong healthy densely budded nuggets.

Watering habits and just the environment in general can also play a big part in the headstart or hinderance of ur grows.

There’s alot of factors. And when u realize autos are limited in the veg time amount? U notice there’s a sweet science to growing them


Not for a plant that started flowering that small, look what I’ve grown in a solo cup, shortly before harvest.


Holy! But, you are Hellraiser…

So the “clock” just ran out…


Essentially. U have to maximize the 4-6 weeks of veg they tend to give ya.

@Hellraiser is the man tho! Check his journal out and emulate what u see. He’s actually doing the castings/coco thing as well I believe. Or has done it.


I like to change stuff up and try new things all the time, keeps me from getting too bored, my latest grow in coco with some castings and bio-char, keeps the high performance of coco while giving microbes a more comfortable place to hang out, as I’m also doing microbe overdose on that grow (microbes every watering).


Okay three weeks later, she looks healthy just small, any suggestions.


Keep doing what you’re doing. She looks happy.


Yup. U wont get anymore vertical or new leaf growth but she should be sitting fat by now.