What temp and humidity should I keep my autoflowers at?

I’m growing my first auto and wondering what temperature and humidity I should keep my auto’s at during each stage. Same for my lighting, it’s currently at 40%. I also don’t really know what stage I’m at if someone could help me out with that. It’s almost week 3 I believe since planted and leaves sprouted out of the medium.

72°-78° when they’re in veg you want some humidity like 60-75ish but flower drop it down to where you are now. Share pics

Hey sammy i talked to you earlier about the leaves touching lol do you have a tent set up

Yeah I do haha, hey, they actually lifted up later which I found cool

And yeah I have a tent set up

Awesome tell me about it light, exhaust fans medium etc

Gotchu so I’m running an AC infinity 4" Inline fan in a 2x4 tent, with a 4" carbon filter, and I have a humidifier in there with a AC Infinity 100W light. One plant, running at 40% light at the moment. Medium is FFOF with perlite and coco coir mixed each at 15%, FFOF at 70%

Light distance from plant :potted_plant: the top of it … I’m just wondering because I have one in veg tent on a sf1000 on 100% 14 inches above her and she loves it

Right now it’s about maybe a foot and a half? maybe a bit less than half

Id raise it to 24 inches and bump it up to 75% then each day bump it up 5% or so until wide open… she will appreciate it… I’m trying to keep mine low pro so I’ve been on 100% since day one i just adjusted the light lower until i got to my desired distance

Here’s a pic at 36 inches you should be at 100% power

Hope this helps

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I’ll try this out :smiley:

See how close i have mine… it takes a little time so go slow and make small adjustments until she can handle the 100%…

I’m gonna be honest with you if it were me I’d put at least a 250w light to get bigger and harder buds… nit saying that you can’t make a harvest with what you have just sharing what i know … just ask if you need any help… they have some decent 250w lights pretty reasonable

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I would but I don’t think I need it. I’m only growing one plant so I don’t need 250. All good.

Yes sir just a suggestion… best of luck

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What are you using for nutes… i use earth dust

Gonna use Jacks 3-2-1 at the moment