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First I would Like to say thank you for the forum. This is the first I’ve ever signed into Reminds me of the BBS days but way faster. Thanks in advance for any assistance or pointers you guys can give me this is my first real attempt I’m working on my fifth and sixth seeds, that I’ve germinated to used the plug and little green house to germinate my first two and I burnt those up. the second set of two seeds, I used the greenhouse again and drowned them. This is my third set of seeds and presently The moving right along. I use potting soil in 2 small pot have to have the seeds sprout. I put one in the window seal and the other in my ( 2’X2’X6’) grow tent using a grow light and knock on wood they might make it I have a ton of questions most dealing with climate control, temperature to high and relative humidity is too low. the other questions I’m still trying to formulate. The one in the windowsill was lacking light and it was stretched way too tall so I put it in the tent with the the other. I’m growing white widow auto flower I wish I had bought the female seeds but I wanted something simple being my first grow and I’m having fun at it even though my success is slow to takeoff and now I’m rambling is there a way on the cheap to raise the humidity I reset my light cycle So the lights are on at night to take advantage of the cooler night time temps help with the heat but any insight would be helpful


Welcome to the community. There are a lot of good growers on here to answer any question you might have. I use a pot of water with a rag hanging out of it when I’m drying my buds in a closet.

I bought a cheap cool mist humidifier from Walgreens up the street from my house. $40 or so. Continually runs on minimum setting for about 36 hours. Only takes a gallon or so of distilled or purified tap. Doesn’t add any heat to my tent and lowest setting raised my RH 5-8% - I run my humidity between 38 and 45% which I understand is a bit low, but the plants seem okay for now.

You can add some humidity to your tent for zero cost using a wash cloth and one of those big 44-64oz soda cups they sell at the gas stations.

Put the washcloth in the cup, draping the rag/wash cloth over the top of the cup. Then put a rubber band around the washcloth at the top of the cup. Fill the cup about 1/2-3/4ths with water. The water will wick up to the top of the washcloth and evaporate, raising the humidity of your tent.

Autos dont really need a set time schedule. Most grow theirs at 18 on and 6 off some do 20 and 4 and some do 12 12. I do 18 6 here grow in 7 gallon containers in canna coco. Do u have ph and ppm meters and stuff what nutrients are u planning on using? If u run a cool mist make sure u dont have exposed diodes on ur lights. Wont be good for the light getting moisture on it cool mist sux anyways unless u have distilled or ro water as tap water tends to leave a white flaky looking stuff flying thru air and landing on plants after a bit of time running. Got any pics u van pop.up and let us all see what u got going. Dont be afraid as everyone is here to help and learn with eachother. Welcome by the way

Thanks for the reply and 5 to 8% RH would do a lot to help Thanks

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Thanks for the welcome hope to add to the community in time

This I think I’ll give a shoot thanks for your time

thanks Mark I’m doing 12 and 12 I think I got the temp in line to where it needs to be Now the RH I do have have pH and ppm meters Just a little rusty on how to use it as for the nutrients I’m using the starter kit From ILGM.com. I’ve watched a lot of videos and reading a Lot thanks to everyone I’m not sure what or how to respond to each post but thanks to all for your reply

is there a Benefit in running longer hours like the 20 and 4 or 18 and 6


When I grow Auto’s I run my Lights on 18/6. The only time I use 12/12 is If I have a stubborn that doesn’t want to flower.


Yep just as @Deepsix says I run my autos at 18. 6 also some do 20. 4. 18. 6 is plenty of light and helps a few hrs less running the lights. As for ph and ppm meters u mox up the nuyes in a bucket then dip the tips of the meters into the mix 1 at a time and get the numbers it reads off say u do ph and ph reads 7.8 ur in soil and wanna be around a 6.5 so u add a few drops of ph down to the mix stir good let set a few stir again and check the numbers. Get it as close without going over or under 6.5 to 6.8 for soil and 5.6 to 5.8 for coco. Ppms are just dip in and get numbers. If u mix good and for their stages u should be a lower numbers like 3 to 500ppm maybe a touch over or so. If too strong of ppms then dilute it a bit with ro water til u get the desired ppm u r looming for. Always always always make sure to check ph before watering. Especially if nute mix sits a bit and u use it later otr the next day as the ph does rise up a few points a day. Good luck. Tag ppl by using the @ symbol just before a name with no spaces. Respond to them by hitting the little swoop arrow in bottom right of their conversation. Hope any some or all helps ya some way.

Thanks very much I’ll give that a Try

@Oheeeoh I wanted to get back with you on this

I wanted to thank you for this advice I went to Hardees got Ice Tea and chilled this worked like a champ Thanks

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You’re welcome. I’ve gotten a ton of good help from here I’m glad I was able to help.