White Widow Fem Autoflower Test - Fluence Spydr - Co2 - Live Cam - w/Alexa

I am starting on Week 4-5 of a horrible start. I went away for two days only to come back to my humidifier not on.

I should know better by now to double-check everything. Something as stupid as switching from humidity to dehumidify almost did my grow in. I have a very small space to work in and am still learning the best ways to control the environment without manually opening and closing a window. So far - I am doing fine except for extreme temperature swings outdoors.

White Widow Fem Autoflower - IGLM (ordered about a month ago)
The seeds were ordered from this site. I can tell you that I have NEVER had a problem with any seeds from this site. I’ve had one pack not arrive and they shipped me a pack within a few days. Just follow their instructions - it works!!

DWC - 3 Gallon to 5 Gallon Buckets - 1 6 way pump
5x7 Gorilla Tent (4x4, 1x5)

I’m using Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Sensi Grow A&B and B-52 w/Tuarantula Juice for growing. I used GH for years and nothing has been easier than AN. (just my 2 cents and yes they are expensive but worth it in my opinion)

I am going to veg this plant a bit longer and am just growing a few to play with the auto-flowering plants. I have never grown them. I did some bending to get the plant to produce more and was planning on training it to grow across the mesh. Since they are auto-flowering I have to watch them and let them grow upwards as soon as I see any pre-flowering.

I will try and continue this but if anyone has any input let me know.


Planning on removing the plants in the back - they didn’t seem to come back from the humidity problem as well as this one…

Good luck have fun with the auto, I fim them only as from 30 days after pop they tend to flower.

You can SCOG them but it’s strain and grow environment dependant as very limited time.
Watch your node spacing to dial your lighting in, shoot for 1" if it’s less back off lighting.

GH is good stuff so is AN but I prefer not lying a bucket load of money for basic nutrients so I shoot for dry nutrients.
AN is actually a company that’s near my hometown.

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How are u regulating yoyr co2 and are u flushing ur co2 raised enviornement 30 mins prior to lights off? Your never supposed to go lights off with elevated co2 just what ive learned

U went all out tho hopefully they shine for u tho fluence light co2 …hell yea im right behind you

Using a separate fan for exhaust plus I have a Triton Controller for Co2 Humidity Temp and Ventilation etc.

FYI These were Jack Here Fem seeds LOL - the white widow auto

is the small one in the bottom bucket - just playin around with autoflower - here’s them a few weeks later…

I’m a new grower of 4 WW auto’s going into week 5 and I want to make sure I’m getting this right. Are you saying that you should not LST an auto after it starts to flower?

Originally I thought these were auto-flower white widow. They were Jack Herer clones that were given to me by mistake. After 25 years I still make plenty of mistakes LOL - figured it out as soon as I saw them grow a day or so - with the autoflowers - i found that it works best if you give the 18/6 until they show signs of flowering. I do know friends that just put them in with other plants during any phase and they grow and flower on their own.

The phrase I typed was totally incorrect due to the fact I got the seeds/clone mixed up. The little one on the left is a 3 week old autoflower white widow from IGLM. The others are now starting week 2 of flower and are doing well.

I start LST after the third set of new leaves. Putting a fan on them when seedlings is actually a start of LST (strengthening the stems. When I grow a new strain I usually will use bending (which is all I did with the others - maybe FIM at leaf 3 and once more afterwards. I like letting a new plant just grow to learn the plant. Then play with training them on my next grow. Get everything right before you move towards advanced techniques that can stress or reduce your crop if done incorrectly. No sense compounding a problem you don’t know you have!


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I’ve gone through so many different lights and setups. So far I will never buy another brand again!

All their lights are amazing!

I am experimenting with autoflowing right now. It seems that you really do not have the time to train them long enough for them to get any major benefit off bending and (thus extra recovery time) which the auto-flower plant - just. flowers. Shocked or not. So I Fimmed it at leaf 3 (about 3" tall) other than that - i’ve left it alone.


[Amazing Difference](https://Amazing Difference)

Thats how i like my lights

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I just gave them their last trim - now they are shooting up like crazy - im still bending just to keep the canopy a bit uniform - but basically time to let nature take it’s course!

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Hopefully u gotta tie them buds the opposite way so there not hanging i was in my room one day buds were massive on a couple plants to where they were completly leaning out the way to where the lower frowth was getting light that normally didnt get much and i had a stoner moment and thought maybe they bend out the way on purpose so lower growth can get light but that was unfounded no scientific info was dericed but it sounded great at the time

once they get heavier, I’ll put a second trellis - then I should have enough room at the top to finish them or bend without breaking and rotate the bent area if necessary…already showing white pistils - that pic’s afew days old - lights just came on now and didn’t feel like taking a new pic tonight…but some are shooting up - just a few - the rest of the canopy is prety even…

Here they are at almost week 6 - Old Growers Mistake - When growing multiple strains - make sure they require the same nutrients** second grow with new nuts * also didn’t take into consideration hose length attached to measurement syringe - they are recovering fine…this was a test grow like i said from the start - Which one was “started” after the first three?

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