What size watering can do you use when mixing in nutrients

Fox Farm and most other nutrients say to add x amount per gallon of water. Am I best off to just use a 1 gallon watering can and let the unused mixture sit on the counter? Should I dump the excess and mix a new batch each time I water? I am afraid if I use a smaller can such as a half gallon it will be too hard to figure out the dillution especially if I only use 1/4 of the recommended.

Can anyone recommend a watering can that has a 1 gallon mark on it. I suppose I could empty a gallon jug into it and see how high it comes to the top of the can. What do you guys do or does it even need to be that precise.

I will only be watering one plant.



This is what I use.

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Good idea! I was thinking I would have to find a watering can with a one gallon mark. This will allow me to mix in exactly one gallon of water and then pour into my watering can as needed. Thanks.

Empty 1 gallon jug is what I use. :+1:

@smokysmurf I use left over 1 gallon distilled water jugs if mixing a gallon, I still use it for mixing smaller amounts. Just use graduated measuring beaker for the volume of water needed.
I poor the nutrients into small medicine cups and or use a syringe to draw it from the cup. I go through this so I don’t contaminate the bottle of nutrients. Wash and reuse. I also mix up 3 or 4 gallons of PH water in food grade 5 gallon bucket and draw from it as needed.


I use a measuring spoon set. 1tsp = 5ml. 1 tbls = 15 ml. I also use a gallon water jug like above works great then I have a smaller glass to water the plants.

Good tips here. I think it comes down to what you need. Big pot is going to need more than small pot, and more pots will need more water.

I marked lines in a 5 gallon bucket at 2 gallons, 3 gallons, and 4 gallons. I usually mixed 3 gallons at a time and would then transfer to a pitcher like myfriendis410 posted for watering.


My nutes instructions say per liter, so I just keep it simple n use a liter bottle n multiply the amount by how many times i filled the bottle up, I use a tea pitcher tho, my grow is 2-3 plants tho

@smokysmurf I use a milk jug Smokey cause I don’t have money for a watering can I looked at I love :heart: growing marajuana they have have that one with the spray nozzle on the top and the spout to mist and than you can poor water :sweat_drops: over your plants

It’s all your preference to what you are comfortable with and if you have kids or not i

Read the instructions on the bottle!! Fox Farms nutrients have different ways to use them depending on the growth stage. I’m pretty sure there are 4 different doses of nutrients you can use. I’m using them now and they work pretty good and the price for the 3 pack for different stages of growth is affordable. It goes by the gallon for each stage. Buy some measuring spoons and measuring cups they’re dirt cheap and you’ll have accurate measurements!!

I’m using the ol tsp or tbsp measuring spoons and ol gallon milk jugs . :v: Good luck !

Is contaminating ur nutes a thing!? I just been putting the syringe in the bottle!

@BamBam56 a word of caution. I use FF trio. Big Bloom bottle’s general feeding application rate is 4 tablespoons every other watering. However, when to go to the trio feeding schedule the dose ranges from 6 tsp to 3 tsp after week 3.

It probably isn’t but bat guano and worm castings can get kinda nasty. I left an unused solution of some out for a couple of days. After that is when I started being more cautious.

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I use the general feeding a gallon jug or two 2ltr bottles and split the difference 4 teaspoons. I had been mixing the grow big with the big bloom in the same gallon jug. I didn’t think that would matter much? I just watered today with the grow big only. The next watering the big bloom. I thought I read on the bottle you could use the two together? I trimmed the bottom leaves. I had it in a tank to control the growth conditions. I mistakenly put a T3 light at the bottom of the base and the big fan leaves started growing downwards to the T3. Am I screwing up on the FF nutrients. I also mix a gallon of water with a tablespoon or so of black strap molasses. I don’t know if I should trim the fan leaves or just cut the parts of them that are shading the colas excuse my spelling if I cut the leaves in half let’s say will the leaves continue to live?

Re fan leaves - move them, bend them down - to the side to expose the buds to light. Generally you do not want to remove them as they are the plant’s engine. This is especially true when they are young. As the plant matures the fan leaves on the bottom 20-30% of the plant will naturally yellow and die back. They have served their purpose and should be removed. If it is a very bushy and dense stain with lots of fan leaves, I think you have more flexibility and the more central leaves can be removed to open the plant up to light and air movement.
As to nutrients, I mix all 3 together. The main concern is excessive PPM related to the plants age and its ability to take up the nutrients effectively. If not familiar with this, read up and there are charts with PPM goals / ceilings based on plants growth stage. Doing molasses separately is probably warranted as it is awfully thick. I have used it during mid-to late flower but did not take PPM readings at the time.
No clue about cutting leaves in half. I think the shock inflicted would do more harm than any benefit derived.

That’s what I did I moved them so the underneath could get light. I tried to tie them back but my hands were shaking too much. The plant isn’t very bushy. I would like it to be about 5’ tall and very bushy? It’s about 2ft tall now. How can I get it bushy? Should I just continue to mix the first two nutrients together and water or do I need to do some picking? If so can you send a few pictures so I make sure I’m doing it correctly! Thanks Mark

Are you talking about autos or photos? Generally the structure and form is genetics based. Indicas are bushier than sativas. Sativas are taller than indicas. So I think your goal of tall and bushy are in opposition to each other. At the beginning you need to pick strains with the genetic traits you want.
I am not aware of any concern or benefit as to mixing or not mixing nutrients together. As far as I know, it makes NO difference other the PPM as mentioned.
I am not sure what you are looking for in pictures. So far I have only grown autos. Defoliation techniques are not used on autos. I have trimmed / removed some leaves from a very dense blueberry auto but it would not show up in a picture.

Is the ppm to do with lightning?