What size watering can do you use when mixing in nutrients

It’s a random seed from medical bud I got from a friend. I’m hoping it’s a female. I can’t remember the abreveations for PPM’S meaning?

Not a problem PPM = parts per million. This is from growace:
Common PPM Readings These readings reflect the PPM your water should have at a given stage of growth

  • Seedlings: 100-250 (nutrients aren’t needed here, hence there’s not a lot of particles needed)
  • First Half of Vegging Cycle: 300-400 (this is usually after you transplant, which still doesn’t require many nutrients)
  • Second Half of Vegging: 450-700 (you’ll start giving your plants more nutrients at this stage)
  • First Half of Flowering: 750-950 (your plants will be eating more as they grow, so they’ll be taking in more nutrients)
  • Second Half of Flowering: 1000-1600 (this is when your plant’s eating the most, especially if you give it additives)
  • End of Flower, Entering Harvest: As close to 0 as possible (this is when you’ll be flushing your plants, so you don’t want there to be a lot of particles leftover)
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How or what tool can I use to check my readings? I didn’t know about this at all. Thanks for helping me. I have a probe for the light, moisture of soil, and PH. I have to check it again it was at .7. I was told they were junk? It was cheap. I’m having a hell of a time trying to regulate the humidity because I don’t have room to sent my tent up. I put a bowl of water 2 4" fans on the bowl. Everytime the heat goes up the humidity drops. I thought the warmer air and t.he faces
In the heater would produce more humidity but it’s working the opposite.

@BamBam56 the probe is adequate for moisture. I have a similar probe that I sometimes use for moisture. The soil PH reading it produces in inadequate. Users have commented they use PH pens by Apera, I use Dr Meter. For PPM I have a Hone Forest - white pen. Pick up on Amazon.
While you are looking on Amazon you may want to check out a humidifier.

I bought the Apera PH20. It seems to work well. It is telling me my tap water is 6.8.

I use a Vicks steam vaporizer. They’re cheap (15 to 20 bucks) and they can increase the humidity in a hurry. I have been using them in my bedroom in the winter for 20 years. They will add some heat since it is steam instead of cool mist. I also put my plastic bottle dome over the vaporizer for a few minutes to collect moisture instead of spraying the inside of the dome with a spray bottle. Super fast and easy. Also the Vicks vaporizer will produce steam that is 99% bacteria free.

I have the same humidifier it doesn’t seem to do anything at all, but I’m not growing in my tent right now. A big bowl of water with a towel in it as a wicked with 2 4" fans on it gets much better results. The cooler air seems to bring the humidity up. Then when I use warm air from my heater the humidity goes down. Can’t figure that one out?

How much are the two pens? Names and model numbers would be great. I stick my probe in and I can hear it tearing roots. That sucks!! Piece of junk.

I found some string to tie them back out of the way so nothing gets damaged and they will still get sufficient light. Yeah!!!

I have been using a Vicks humidifier it puts out steam. It doesn’t seem to be doing much. I have a big bowl of water with a towel in it with 2 4" fans. That works much better. When the heat goes up the humidity goes down. I don’t understand that?

After using these steam vaporizers for so many years I have learned that you have to add just the right amount of salt to the water to get it to steam sufficiently. You can also tell by the amount of water it uses up. Sometimes they look like they are putting out a lot of steam but the water level goes down very slowly. If you have the right amount of salt it will use up a 1.5 gallon reservoir in about 8 hours.

If I close the door in my closet grow room the humidity will climb from 50% to 70% in an hour.

It is odd because warmer air can hold more humidity. With that being said, the air in your grow room is being heated by the light. That and any fans you have blowing are going to dry out the air. I have been running my vaporizer 24/7 and the humidity is usually around 50%. That is with the closet door open since I have no other ventilation. My bedroom on the other hand is maintaining 54% humidity without even running the vaporizer for the last 3 or 4 nights.

Edit: 2 vaporizers in 2 different rooms just to clarify.

I just have it in my room with a black bed sheet hung in front. This house still has horsehair plaster it’s so old. My portable heater has a nice fan but every time it blows on the bowl of water the heat increases to acceptable the humidity goes down. I have my humidifier behind the curtain with the bowl of water and 2 4" fans on the bowl. Right now I have 75 degrees and 35% humidity. This house has no insulation either. It’s still about 40 degrees outside so this house is cold still. I’m using the heater to heat the room up. Any suggestions? They didn’t know what a framing square was when it was built late 1800’s.

Mine is in the room! I just bought a new light 4000w actual 200w looks ok let’s see how it works. I have been using 45w act 15w. I’m hoping this helps. How much salt per gallon and what do you do at night as far as the humidifier goes?

I don’t go by salt per gallon. Start with a small amount in the palm of your hand so you can see how much you are adding. Definitely no more than the size of a dime. If your water is hard it will steam like crazy without salt. If your water is soft you will have to add enough to get a good flow of steam going. If you add too much salt the vaporizer will make bubbling and popping noises and the steam will be coming out like crazy. Dump out the water, rinse the tank out and start again.

I’m not sure what you mean when you ask “what do you do at night”. If you get the 1.5 gallon it will last through the entire night if that is what you are asking. Don’t worry about leaving it running unattended, I have been using them for years and never had a problem with one.

I’ll try a little salt but the tank is only 1 gal. I just checked the ph with a test strip in the self watering resoviour and it was at 6 will my nutrients square that away or should I use my ph up. I didn’t check the soil it’s self yet. And I meant when you go to sleep do the humidifiers run through the night ok. I didn’t know that they made 1.5 gal humidifiers!!

I’m moving the plant into the corner of the room so I can just close it off with a sheet. I think the lighting and temp and humidity control will be much easier. Most of the weather has been high 30’s and low 40’s still. I’m sure that’s not helping!!

My humidity was 20% this morning and 60 degrees!! My ph was at 6 in the reservoir. It would be the same in the soil right? Should I use some ph up? It should be 6.5-7 ph right? I have the new light 18" from the top. I looked for the pens you were talking about. I didn’t know what to get for the ppm and accurate ph reading. Can you send me a picture of what you have so I can find a good one. I appreciate all your help very much the vaporizer seems a little better with the salt I put a small amount like you said it’s working so far. I’ll have much better control when I put it in the corner of the room. I hope it gets up to around 50% till Monday when I move it.

I think it was Beardless who was recommending the PH pen. I am on my first grow so I will leave it to the more experienced growers to recommend equipment.

Are you sure your humidity gauge is accurate? 20% is awfully low. I lived in Montana for a while and it was dry as a bone there, especially in the winter. Even without running a vaporizer my humidity was in the upper 20’s. I was easily able to keep it in the 40’s and sometimes 50’s while the vaporizer was running.

This house sucks I’m going to put it in the corner of my room. It will do better there. Did you recommend the salt in the water for the humidifier? I think that was beardless it works I got 44% right now. Great. At 72 degrees.

What’s a plastic bottle dome?