What size pots to use for auto flower

What size pots do yall recommend for auto flowers? Next spring I plan to grow 5 auto WW outdoors and 5 feminized regular. My plans for regular girls would be start in Jiffy pellets then 1,3,10,30 gallon fabric pots. I’m in North Missouri its hot and humid here, will use FF soil and nutrients and amend the soil with compost and hay bedding from my cows. It’s not legal here YET, but it’s coming. I have grown outdoors before and helped in several indoor grows. I have a passion for gardening and plant science. What size pots do yall recommend? Thanks for all the information you guys post on this site!

3 gallon fabric pots or smart pot are your best bet. 5 gallon or bigger for fem seeds

Thanks Smokin_ernie for replying. So you recommend from Jiffy seed pot to 3 gallon? Or should I jiffy seed pot, 1 gallon, 3 gallon once roots have filled pot go to next size bigger?
Pretty sure I have read not to report auto’s much since there lifespan is so short repotting can have more negative then positive affects to the plant. Don’t have any experience with auto’s so looking for any and all advice!



With autos, you want as little stress as possible. So going straight to their forever homes is best.

I put mine in the jiffy pellet things to get started, then straight into there final pots.

As for size, either 3 or 5 gallon is good for autos. I would recommend trying both, so next grow you can choose based on experience.


I agree with @Ron330 as for autos they need a for ever home fast , 1 transplant from a solo cup to pot . Out side auto I’d go 5+

Indoor depending on size of room my 32"-32"-53" tent I use a 7 gal smart pot but only one plant at a time.