What size container do I need for sexing

What size container do I need to sex plants before transplanting outdoor I want to save as much good soil as possible


I would imagine 1 gallon would be plenty to get you to sexual maturity, and would probably get you an incredible root ball to transplant outdoors. If you are going into a large container outdoors I might use a 2 gallon if you’re going directly into the ground I’d use the 1 gallon. You may have to scarify the roots just before the transplant. @Newt your humble opinion please? Hope all have a great Sunday. :pray:t2::pray:t2::call_me_hand:


You can use solo cups if you wanted to but 1gal is what i would use.
It really depends on a couple things in my opinion.
How big do you want them when you set them out and how often do you want to water them untill they are set out.

Smaller container will be smaller plants and more frequent watering but less soil.
Bigger container will be bigger plants and less frequent watering but more soil.
Could maybe cut the soil real heavy with something like perlite, expanded clay, or even things like sponges for cleaning or many other cheap (unconventional) options if ya really wanted to. But this could lead to having to feed them more before set out…


I agree with the growmies :arrow_up:
1 gal will get the job done efficiently.


You can easily get to sexual maturity in a solo cup. Or if you want to know in minimum time, I use Farmer Freeman for genetic sex testing. Once you have normal leaves, clip one and send it to them. The last ones I sent were this size when I did:


@Newt thank you for the reply. I looked up that Farmer Freeman’s after you mentioned it earlier in the week in my thread. Seems pretty interesting. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. :pray:t2::pray:t2::+1:

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I am also a fan of sexing in the smaller container. I like to sex my plants in 4” pots and then bottom water them in a tray. That way you do t have to pour every single one. But the biggest advantage in my opinion is how incredibly quick small plants revert back to veg. Think turning a canoe vs the cruise boat.

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In my case capsizing. Love my kayaks and Nucanoe

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