What should I look for to know when to harvest

I have a plant don’t know the strain. It has been a slow struggle to get this far. My first grow. Made the mistake of buying preamended soil from Lowes. The plant is 10 weeks old and finally looks like it is gettIng trichomes on it the past week. What should I look for and how big should the buds get? How long does it grow in this stage.

U need a microscope or a jewellers loupe to check ir trichomes to see if there cloudy with some amber coloured

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Got a lot of fattening up to do yet!

The real answer you seek isn’t a cut and dry staple …
All those things depend on the environment a plant is given and it’s different I think for every plant as well

You want your pistols mostly colors orange or brown or whatever the color they turn and receding back into the calyx

Trichomes are also used to gauge resin production in a plant …
So the effects you desire from the final product also depend on when you do that …

This is what I’ve learned after harvesting 2
Hope it helps in some way

The 2 I grew looked to be getting very mature a week or 2 earlier than what I was reading .

I think because they were grown outdoors and 95 percent of that time was optimal conditions
Never getting under 8 hours of sunlight

Babysat 24/7 practically lol

Both came out way way better than I expected and right up there with the best most exotic look herbs I ever had …

I also went to Lowe’s and bought MG performance organics so don’t feel bad …we know better for next grow but I still believe in what I said
Consistent environment that’s optimal will give you the best results

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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Thanks for the info