What should i do? Think its turning male

3-4 weeks into flower and i think its turning male, what should i do? Would like some help.

that little pod does not look good @Mrkush

I hate to say it, but it looks like crab claws to me :frowning:

Bummer man.

Put him/her in its own tent (far from your female grow) and grow you some female seeds.

Its this plant and 3 others that got like 10-15 of them , and have 4 that not have any yet , what sgould i do ?


How can they pop up when they been in flower almost 4 weeks

stress will make hermies @Mrkush probably need to seperate them soon…just my opinion



Hope these pic’s help


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Tnx for answer guys. :slight_smile: If i cant seperate them is it better to cut them?
Can it be to late already for other plants?

As long as pollen hadn’t busted yet you still have a chance to move them if they open up and form little yellow bananas your to late that’s a sign your pollen sacks have bursted and at that point its gotten to every one else

Kill it !!! :imp:


I’m concur with @FloridaSon
Kill it immediately :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


From The plant that Was next to it

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If stipules are over eatch other like a V, its not good right…

Guess i have to cut all down now, when i find this bananas or what they are called. :((


It may be too late now, it looks like it’s opened ?

…if that’s your only plant you might want to grow it ?

…if there’s more than one you might want to pull it before any further damage is done ?


if there not every where @Mrkush just pluck em and keep your eye out for more… that may be better than cutting the whole plant down…thats just my pennies worth.


Have 7 more, and i have removed pollen sacks from 4 of them before, also stipules are crossed on 5 of them.

It feels like i got to cut them,


boy,i would really hate that @Mrkush, hopefully you will get some use from them!

Hold on a little bit nothing to lose not too much anyway, more to lose if you cut them premature

Plants are Hermied to different degrees, if not too bad you may still get some bud ?

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