How can i tell if it's a male or female marijuauna plant?

How tell difference male female cannabis plant

How can I determine if it’s a male or a female? And why do people prefer females over males?

This is easily the most frequently asked question about marijuana. Marijuana is strange among annual plants because it comes in male and female varieties. Growers (and smokers) are particularly fond of ripened, unfertilized female cannabis buds that can only achieve this state if the males are removed.

Females react to this lack of pollination by producing more flowers which will “ripen” eventually. What actually happens is that the pistil will recede into the ovary to form a false seed pod. Seeing as how they have not been fertilized, these females have no seeds and are referred to as “sinsemilla,” (Spanish for “without seed”).

If you know what you’re looking for, male marijuana plants can be differentiated quite easily from the females. Males grow small rounded buds that open in clusters of yellow or white flowers. By contrast, the female flower has only several pairs of pistils jutting out from the ovary. In general, male and female flowers will appear on separate plants. If one plant produces both male and female marijuana buds, then they’re referred to as hermaphrodites. For the most part, these plants are disregarded, but they can have some effectiveness in breeding.

For more information and pictures, read this article about sexing marijuana plants. For marijuana seeds, please visit our webshop.



Females are prefered , because they have the goodies. female plants should be considered your buds, because they give you buds

Dont forget that male’s grow taller, specified in the bibble. What is the female “ovary” , Rob can you elaborate some details in the matter. Thanks. #Newbie #Beginner

Males grow taller? HMMMM
By the time you could tell any height difference it is to late.
I take a seed and grow it out for about 1 month.
I then take clones from that plant and let them root for about 7-10 days.
I will take 1 clone and put it in a flowering room for 1 week.
at that point you should start to see bud formations at the intermodal spaces.
A females will grow pistals that look like hairs early on they kind of look like insect antenia.
Males produce pollen sacs they look like round balls, sometimes like a bunch of grapes.
You should use a good magnifying glass to look for these characteristics.
If the clone is male I thow the original plant and all clones.
If it is female I throw out the test plant and keep the mother and all other clone that are still in veg room.

Don’t believe the taller rule it just isn’t so. many factor determine the plants height.
I have seen female plants that are over 11 feet tall and yield 8 lbs. That pretty fn tall


Can you tell if this is male? Thanks

Females have pistils that grow out of one pod at the nodes.

Male plants develop several pods (pollen sacks), that resemble fat bananas, footballs, grapes. In fact Males develop a cluster of pollen sacks that look like grapes…

I don’t think this plant is showing sex yet. Latewood’s advice is correct and I second it, lol.

Pistils are often referred to as “hairs” as they do come out of the pod (calyx) like fine white or lightly colored “hairs”.

Can I send you a picture in a week and see?

Can you tell if this is male yet?

No, there is no sign of a calyx/pistil, nor any signs of a stamen either…yet.



I’m sorry to bother you again but I have another unrelated question. I like your answers. Well I’ve got two of the same strain 5 weeks old. One of them wilts a little every time I water. I water about every three days. It wilts and then a couple hours later it comes back. Is that because of overwatering? Here’s a pic(it’s the one on the right) any help would be great. I don’t know why it wilts I’m afraid I’m going to mess something up here.

And here is an hour or so later

Your issue looks like a wet footprint issue. Due to the fact that you are growing in 5 gallon buckets. I think that you are watering before the bottom of bucket is drying out. Too big of a bucket for this plant IMO! You are watering a whole lot of nothing at the top, and the roots have all grown straight down and are sitting in liquid,

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After looking at the pictures again; I see another major issue. You stripped all the fan leaves off the plant. This totally ruins the photo synthesis, and this is definitely a contributor to your issue. You do not have enough foliage to uptake the water. Stripping the leaves causes the plant to be in shock, and stressed. So; Instead of performing as normal, this plant is constantly trying to repair itself form the damage done to it.

Thanks for the response. My pots are I think just gallon pots. I thought they were too small?

Sorry pictures can be so misleading.

That plant looks like it is 12 inches across at least, and a 1 gallon pot is approximately 5.5-6" across. :slight_smile:

Can you tell me if this plant is male or female?

Both hemie get rid of it

Yupper. It has pistils and pollen sacks. Great examnple.

I am going to post this in GrowFAQs :smiley:

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