Male plant? what to do?

From a fellow grower:

I have to plants that germinated days apart one is definitely a female but the second has given me trouble I pressume it’s male. I have attached a photo. I was also curious if it male what should I do with it? The plant Is 50 days old I’d say hate to just kill it. You guys rock!

If it is a male and you want nice nice bud from your female; Cull it immediately. If you leave it; The male plant will pollinate your female, and you will grow seeds. Buds will be fairly useless at that stage. Peace

What makes you believe it’s male? I planted 8 bag seed, 1 died as a seedling, 3 were male, 1 a hermaphrodite, and the other 3, female. Of the 3 females, I let one grow naturally which is leggy and never filled out, and only doing so now at the cola location. The others I topped so can’t say if they would have been the same as the first one.

Just put you suspected male on a 12 hour light schedule and in 1 to 2 weeks you’ll know for sure.

I would give it another couple days to confirm but it looks like a female hard to be certain so early without a few more angles to view from so I may be mistaken far easier when the plant is in front of me lol